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Today, I was driving to work when a state trooper rammed into my car from behind, because he was on the cell phone and not paying attention. He gave me a ticket for "Failure to control speed to avoid a crash." FML
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you should take that to court cause im pretty sure you could manage to not have to pay for that.


talk about abuse of power. fail on his part, and im sorry :(

Contest it, take it to court. Under no circumstances will you be found in the wrong, as it is ALWAYS the person behinds fault, unless you were reversing. Then, contest the ticket. If nothing happens, ring the local current affairs, they'll have a field day with it. Enjoy the money and 15mins on fame

Honestly, contest it. If you're feeling really spiteful, make sure he gets fired. What he did is not legal in any way. You're in the US. It was his fault completely, unless you suddenly slammed on the brakes and your state isn't like mine, which states that if you get hit from behind and no one can prove that you were in reverse, it's the other person's fault. Even if your state doesn't have that law, it would be at least partially his fault. He was tailgating you while talking on a cellphone.

Doesn't surprise me at all. When I was about 8 years old, I was in the car with my dad when he was sideswiped by a state trooper who pulled out of McDonald's parking lot without pausing or looking where he was going. The cop tried to pressure my dad and insist it was his fault, and attempted to write him up. He finally backed down when eyewitnesses defended my dad and offered to testify for him if my dad appealed the ticket. The cop was a total pig about it. Didn't seem to care that me and my 11 year old brother had to go to the emergency room to get checked out either. Only cared about saving his own ass.

If you're in a position to avoid a crash and you don't, then yes, you can be held responsible to a certain degree. (Depending upon what position you're in.) But in this case she was in no position to avoid the crash... the person behind is always at fault (unless of course the person in front is reversing I suppose).

Thats hilariously stupid. I hate asshole cops like that who think theyre better than everyone else

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Well, you can get a ticket for driving too slow (it's a reckless driving thing). That, however, is bullshit. It's always the other person's fault if they friggin' rear-end you.

im guessing your dad is one of those pigs?

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It's because you're from maryland (like myself). The cops here suck big time. If that ever happens to me, you'd be sure as hell that I would bring them to court.

Not always the person behind yous fault, at least not in Sweden, ie if you switch lanes carelessly you'll probably be held responsible if you hit something... But if the OP is really telling the absolute truth then he's just a ******* dick.

just take it to court he rear ended you so 90% of the time they'll lose. Especially since he was on the phone if anything just get your car inspected they can find out who caused it by the damage to the car

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Actually, #23, it was made illegal because of insurance baiting, where a driver sets himself up in a guaranteed crash, but the other driver is at fault.

agreed 23 assuming this is real. In the united states, most cop cars have dash cams and would've recorded the incident. another bad cop in maryland- ever heard of officer rivieri incident?

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It seems that the state troopers only care for themselves.IF I were the state trooper , I would admit my mistake and hope he would not charge me.

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I hate these cows commenting "Cops suck!" or "**** tha police!" I will agree that the cop is being a jerk, but that doesn't mean that every cop is also a jerk. How would you like it if you were being raped and a pot head sees you and does nothing? Not to good I imagine. I will take all the jerky cops in the world compared to a crackhead.

actually, due to sovereign immunity, a police officer, fire fighter, or anyone sporting gov tags is never at fault for an accident

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219-I wanna **** you HARD. Imma stalk you now.......

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double fail! your 3rd ya ****** retard! man these ppl are like over caffinated 10 yr olds that are obsessed and immitate naruto

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Wow, that sucks To the OP, you're probably going to get many, MANY comments about you being a woman driver, and "that's what you get for being out of the kitchen" and other stupid shit like that from people who still think it's funny..... Just ignore them. PS, I like your user name, haha

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The worst are those who say, "And I'm not a sexist when I say women are overwhelmingly bad drivers." Ignorant and oblivious. Sorry, OP. When someone hit my car, the police officer tried to blame me despite the evidence and eye witnesses. Then he tried to cite me for not using my seatbelt because it was discovered in the upright position when he looked into my car... after I'd already gotten out, with a bruise on my chest from its strap. Sometimes you just get a bastard. I hope you weren't injured in the crash, and I hope you challenge the ticket in traffic court. Good luck.

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A cop did something similar to my mom. He tailgated her when she was in her so he could get her to speed. What he didn't know is that she was in an undercover police car. She went 5 over the limit to get behind him so she could pull him over for tailgating and reckless driving. Before she got behing him he turned on his blue lights... He almost got fired so I would bring it to court.

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Well i wasnt thinking that until you brought it up....way to be sexist.... should have stayed in the kitchen IMO

No one was being sexist until you brought it up... good job

What a douchenozzle He's gonna miss everything cool and die angry

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I hear that phrase all the time! Not a sexual joke. I'm just an ass.

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you should take that to court cause im pretty sure you could manage to not have to pay for that.

he didn't misspell anything. learn to not be an idiot.

It is more grammar than spelling. Punctuation would help, as would capitalization. You might be able to argue that there is incorrect spelling, as "im" is not a word. I'd call it poor grammar.

uhhh the dude used the number 2 instead of to...

exhibit a for why grammar nazis fail at life. op: take it to court. no way is that legal.

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