By lance - 10/04/2010 05:00 - Australia

Today, I was pulled over by a cop and was fined $210 for making an illegal u-turn. When the cop finished writing my ticket and hopped in his car, he made the same u-turn. FML
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some turns are not legal for civilians, the are for emergency vehicals only. learn the rules of the road before getting mad


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guess this guy (puts on shades) is a douchebag. YEAHHHH!

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in soviet Russia, 210$ fines you!

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is there's snakes like medusa's come out from it?

Cops do this all the time. How is this an FML?

you should have attempted to make a citizens arrest. lol.

fight it in court. I was once given a bogus parking ticket and took it to court. a cop no show= automatic win

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in soviet Russia.... uturns make YOU!!!!!!

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65 fail. who says old things are bad? 18 and 57's werenot funny but most of the time those soviet russia jokes are funny

suigeneras that is the second lame soviet Russia joke I have seen from you. and again I usually think they are funny but yours are said wrong and are not

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He's a cop. he's allowed to so that he can like go to am emergency sceene or somthing.

i go with no. 1.... u shouldve written him a ticket...

#98 is right, cops are legally allowed to do things that most other people can't. Like those U-turns on the interstates. Its slightly ironic but its 100% legal to do, it'll cost you more money to fight it and eventually lose in court.

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guess what? he's a policeman! he has right of way AND road laws don't always apply to them while on duty!

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lololololololol wow what a cop.. WHAT...A....COP

it's his job. police can drive on the sidewalk if they want

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Ya a "situation" like trying to get past traffic with their emergency lights so they can get their morning cup of coffee and donuts. Lol

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******* cops suck penis die die die

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yeah those spots are normally for emergency vehicles only

90% of the time a police officer is responding to an emergency call they will drive with their lights and sirens off because they distract people.. they only turn them on when they need your attention to get you out of the way

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asshole think they can do whatever they want

in Canada cops frequently put on their sirens to get to the nearest Tim Hortens coffee and donut shop

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ummm unless his lights were flashing, he has to follow the SAME rules as us citizens do. you shouldve paid attention in civics in 8th grade

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You can't write him a ticket. but you can arrest him. Citizens arrest. You can arrest anybody if you know he's done something wrong, doing something wrong, or is about to do something wrong. But only if you can prove it...Which you can't. It's your word against a police officers word; you're not gonna win...

the soviet russia shit is really old now.

number 18. wtf?? you and your stupid soviet russia comments.

No.....In Soviet Russia cop beats YOU for being stupid.

In Soviet Russia, warhead detonates YOU!

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I watched this on an Andy Griffith Show rerun o-o

So, would someone please explain citizen's arrest to me? To me, it sounds like you would have to retain someone until someone of authority showed up, but doesn't seem like it would go down smoothly, haha.

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take it to court then. not the end of the world

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That's what I don't understand. Why're cops able to do what you're not supposed to do?!

98 fail. cops aren't allowed to do that unless they actually have an emergency to go to, and doubt this asshole did. cops are people who think they're above the law simply because they enforce it that's all they are. **** COPS

^ #7 exactly what I was thinking, except the little problem of the cop's tazer XD

You guys are idiots. The reason those u-turns are there is for cops, so they can get across lanes. You can't use them so they don't have traffic so emergency vehicles can get through.

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idiots it's fake because if ip got pulled over for uturn then the cop would have had to makebthe uturn to pollo op over thus cat do it right after

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! i agree with #7. Citizen's arrest. ((((:

Your forgetting that cops are above the law. They are there to "Serve and Protect" but guess what, they "Serve and Protect" the Law, not you. Also, emergency vehicles are exempted from signs like that in most cases.

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he's an asshole! damn antiflood. lol should have been first

that's because cops are awesome and u suck op and I hope you get even more tickets for minor shit... and arrested

lol #21...... Cops are allowed to legally do u turns where citizens are not allowed. So shut the **** up and stop crying like a bitch!

only if their siren is on and they are on a call can a cop speed, run a light, or do illegal u-turns retard. There's a reason you aren't allowed to do u-turns there, because it's been deemed unsafe. Too bad these fat ass donut munching hypocrite pigs don't give a shit about the law or anyone's safety.

After reading it again this seemed odd, People don't usually know exactly the cost of their ticket until they get a letter in the mail from the county. So maybe this is fake or OP just posted this until he got his letter and knew the price

#20 we dont get county tickets as there is no such thing. its a nsw cop and the law is law through the whole state. and its written on the ticket

yep, in australia the cop writes it on the spot. my husband got a $333 speeding ticket last week... ouch

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#120 This is not American dumbass it's Australian

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#20 This is not American dumbass it's Australian

yep, Australia rulz! we Aussies r ossim but ppls can get scared by the cops because they like to hide in unnoticible places and catch anyone who speeds...I think it's very bitchy but clever...

55 no need to be a douche about it, I didn't notice it was in Australia. When I got my speeding ticket I didn't get an amount on it.I received a letter from the court (not county my bad) saying the amount that was due. Maybe it was just me that I didn't receive the amount I would owe right away, but that's why I thought people didn't know how much they would pay until they got the letter

some turns are not legal for civilians, the are for emergency vehicals only. learn the rules of the road before getting mad

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if you see this message, that means the Anti-Flood Protection isn't harrasing me.

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I doubt the cop had an emergency situation to tend to.

if they have their lights on, stopping a citizen to issue a ticket is considered an emergency ! goverments need more money. in the usa the first 5 months of ALL your income goes to the government. taxes, fees, etc.

wher i come from its illegal to use handheld devices while driving. then one time i saw a cop using his cellphone while driving. they dont even follow their own rules.

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again, only on an emergency call with lights and a siren can a cop break the law. Cops can't just do anything they want because they happen to be in a white car with lights idiot. You should learn the rules of the road.

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It doesn't mean they wont. Cops will speed when they aren't on a call or will make turns others can't because, well, who's going to stop them? However, the OP is from Australia, so perhaps the laws there are different about what a cop can do.

sometimes cops will rush to a call with their lights off if they don't want the people to know they are coming or it's just not completely necessary, see it all the time when cops come into my gas station on break

#29 At least in the USA, police are actually allowed to use cell phones, while civilians are not. It's not very well known, but it's true.

well if it was illegal then whyd you make it in the first place?? the cops a douche bag but that still doesnt exempt you, an average citizen, from the law. Next time, OP just dont do it.

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yeah don't you love how they ticket you for speeding and then they zoom off down the freeway at 90 mph?

okay..if he pulled you over after a u-turn (lets say you turned west) then to have made the same u-turn he would have have to make 1 u-turn to go east then immediately do the u-turn you had done to go west again...meaning he went 360 degrees and you sat in your car watching him the entire time. thats odd.

a bit confusing way or wording, but I agree.... "he took the same u-turn" seems unlikely

Bingo. He didn't take the same u-turn, the OP is confused. I still don't doubt the cop is a douche bag and took an illegal u-turn though.

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agreed. op made up the last part for dramatic effect. you deserve it for not following the law and trying to garner sympathy by lying.

Meet the power of the law-enforcers. They know you cant do shit about it, but actually they need to be punched in the face. Without badge they're nothing, it's a shame to the cops who do their work right.

It doesn't sound like the officer did anything wrong. Would you also expect an ambulance to get ticketed for running a red light? On many separated highways, there are gaps in the barriers just for the police to make u-turns. Like it or not, there are a different set of road rules for emergency vehicles (RMPs, ambulances, fire engines, etc.).

Yea but they're supposed to be used on emergencies, which this is clearly not.