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I think if you proved to him with the fine to your boss, I wouldn't think he would have fired you. Maybe talk to HR if your in a place where they can't fire you without a legitimate excuse.

By  zuckerburg  |  21

YDI... and I think you would be better off without a boss who demands you answer the phone at all times. I've done it twice, then stopped. Voicemail and text exists for a reason. Everyone knows that if I don't answer I'm busy driving, I don't even read or respond to texts. If it was a requirement from work to answer your phone at all times, a hands-free kit would have been my first priority. There really is no excuse in the world for putting others (and yourself) in danger when driving a death-machine and distracted by your phone. Hope you get a better job with a less of an a-hole of a boss. Learn from this before you kill someone please