By Anonymous - 02/02/2011 07:12 - United Kingdom

Today, I was pissed that I got a £60 parking ticket so rang my friend to rant about it. I then got pulled over by the cops for using my phone, and was fined £120. FML
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I only hope that when you crash your car while on your phone, you do it into a pole or off a cliff so no innocent people or trees are killed. You deserve it and more, you stupid, arrogant, irresponsible ****. Hang up and ******* drive. You're behind the wheel of a two-ton weapon, so ******* remember that as you pony up your £180, assface.

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Totally deserved, It's the law for a reason. One of my friends got hit by an idiot driving while on his mobile and it's ruined his life.


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You did desrve it, but I understand your frustration.

I'd rather say stupid then unlucky. He/she/it gets a ticket and the next best thing he/she/it can think of is having a phone call while driving? OP? Really..come're a dumbass

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You deserve a good kicking... for being a thick, useless Yank :) And....where does it say that OP is British? 21st Century Britain, is anything but British. Don't ya watch the news, whilst tucking into a rather large bag of "chips" ??

It obviously says UK, and they're being fined in euros. Obviously OP is British.

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55, since when is £ euros? € is euros. The UK uses the British currency. Unless it's changed within the last 3 months I haven't been there.

How am I supposed to know, I'm not British.

ohthebloodygore 16

57, if you don't know, then don't go around giving incorrect information. I know American currency and I'm not American nor have I been there.

Not every country in Europe uses the Euro, more do keep changing to it, but as of yet there are still other currencies within the continent. Besides, just because you're not from the UK doesn't mean that you can't know anything about it. Or more specifically the difference between £ and €.

not British and knee they used pounds it's not that hard

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he does deserve it!! 1.) you could've just took the ticket and be a man and suck it up and 2.) talking on the phone and driving at the same time is dangerous. people lose lives because of that. so next time suck it up!

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quit your bitchin and get back in the kitchen.

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yeah OP should of at least pulled over to call someone and dude, you must pick up a lot of girls being anorexic

agree with 1! like really why would you go and talk on the phone right after you got a ticket?

you just made me really happy that I didn't have to write all that out

I bet OP used his phone to text this FML on his way home right after the ticket for talking on the phone.

roe010992 10

Totally deserved, It's the law for a reason. One of my friends got hit by an idiot driving while on his mobile and it's ruined his life.

Eh, some idiots that forget they're driving while on the phone are ones who shouldn't be driving in the first place. If it's not phones, they'll find something else to be completely distracted by. Sorry about your friend, that's the worst.

I'll never forget the dumass on his phone who rear-ended another car at a red light. Some people should be striped from their privilege to drive for a couple of years to grow some maturity and common sense.

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Do want all the people here to donate a dollar to help you pay your ticket ? Wake up it's not going to happend, stop breaking the law.

I hope you didn't come here expecting sympathy for such an obvious YDI....