By Sarah-D - 29/07/2016 05:31

Today, a policeman pulled me over and proceeded to flirt with me. After I had rejected him, he gave me a ticket for "not paying attention to the road". FML
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Go to the police office and file a complaint.

OP, you need to report the officer. Write down in detail everything that happened so you don't forget anything. That officer needs to get a real reality check.


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No, OP is NOT the one at fault here. The officer is for using his badge to try and influence a situation. She needs to report him because I can guarantee it's not the first time the officer has done this and he may have even done it to solicit "favors" for getting out of tickets in the past.

I'm gonna have to agree with #1, here. When somebody abuses their power to flirt on the job, it's up to you to flirt back and reward this behavior, reinforcing it and ensuring the cycle continues. Wait…

Cops use access to records to harass people all the time. Just check the police misconduct website (name is site) and you'll see tons of instances. Report him.

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Except that if she didn't follow through on the flirting he has the resources to make her life miserable.

redcode5 17

Go to the police office and file a complaint.

I truly wish this was a viable option

OP, you need to report the officer. Write down in detail everything that happened so you don't forget anything. That officer needs to get a real reality check.

He'd have given her the ticket anyways if he didn't flirt with her. Basically it's go on 1 date or get a ticket and op chose.

She shouldn't have to choose, asshole.

you misunderstand, it's implied he gave her a b.s. ticket because she didn't respond to flirting

She's deserves it because an asshole is using his position to flirt with her while on duty? Unprofessional and pathetic.

Officer Creeper needs to be reprimanded and ticketed for not paying attention to your eyes instead of your boobage.

That's a clear abuse of power. I hope you get this straightened out, OP. You don't deserve that ticket and he doesn't deserve the badge.

It would have been an abuse of power if he had not given her a ticket after flirting with her

No, he pulled her over. That is an abuse of power as well.

Police hardly pull someone over just to flirt with them. Likely OP wasn't paying attention, officer pulled her over saw she was pretty. Flirted a bit, and wrote the ticket anyway.

Agreed, how could he even see her enough to see if she was pretty if she was driving in a car.

At my university I got pulled over often just to get flirted with. Depending on the tint of the windows, or if the window is unrolled and if OP is driving slow the cop could see if she was pretty just to pull her over.

I agree with 11, an officer needs a violation or PC to pull someone over. Almost every driver commits at least one violation a day, there's a lot of traffic laws that most people either aren't aware of, or have gotten a little complacent in their driving habits. My guess is OP probably commuted an infraction. It's depends on what the "flirting" was, to be able to determine whether it was inappropriate, we'd need more details. Who knows, you may have gotten the ticket even if you had reciprocated the flirtation. However, this isn't how I would have handled the situation, but I'm not a guy. As for the poster above me, just because they pulled you over and flirted with you, not giving you a ticket, doesn't inherently mean there was no violation to begin with. But good job finding a way to avoid those pesky fines:). I figure my opinion will be just as unpopular as #11's though.

This is a valid point, and I'm unsure why it's being downvoted (presumably because it conflicts with OP's narrative). Apparently, if the officer had indeed noticed her prior to pulling her over (which would be only possible if the officer either saw her enter her vehicle or was driving alongside her), and issued her a ticket based on her rejection, it's an abuse of power. But the likely scenario is that OP got pulled over for something else (maybe driving erratically) and the officer would have likely let her go if she flirted back. Whatevs.

It doesn't happen all the time so it never happens? Not all officers are good people, there's been some cases of some raping someone they pulled over or attempting to! I don't see why one officer abusing their power to "punish" someone that didn't reciprocate is so hard to believe.

It's still an abuse of power if the officers decision to give a ticket was predicated on the OP flirting back.

He pretty easily could have been driving next to her, saw what she looked like, and decided to pull her over to flirt, then gave her a ticket because his pride was hurt. They may NEED a reason to pull someone over, but there are jerk cops out there who abuse their power. In the end, they are just people too and not immune to being an asshole. Her story isn't that far-fetched.

I never said that wasn't an abuse of power. It is either way, but obviously, pulling someone over solely to flirt and giving a ticket after getting rejected is an even more egregious abuse. Either way, it sucks balls.

Sounded like the opening to a porno from my notifications...

Report that officer OP, that's a definite abuse of power right there