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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Or they like the way it looks or sounds. People drive all kinds of cars for all kinds of reasons. It's a mistake to think you can judge someone perfectly by the type of car he/she drives.

Now on the other hand, how a person parks can tell you a lot. OP, if you park illegally, you've probably no right to complain about tickets. Put your tat in the proper place.

  Silenthunter  |  0

It is a mistake to think that you can not judge a person by their car. Why do you think every one calls the Prius a tampon. When is the last time you have ever seen Michael Schumacher driving a Toyota Prius?

  cosmosis  |  12

49- we had a turbocharged prius at tech. That thing sounded beefy when the engine kicked in. Before you were saying you can find a car with better kpl or mpg where ever your from. But i challenge you to find an Aus delivered car that runs solely on petrol that gets better mileage than a prius. Guaranteed that you will not find one.
I do kind of agree you can kind of judge a person by the car they drive. And the way they maintain their car... But calling prius drivers stupid because that car doesnt appeal to your taste is not cool. You are misinformed about the economy of these vehicles and i suggest you read up on them. In my opinion they are an ugly looking car, and would never own one. I love my SS commy even though it chews fuel.

  morgan020  |  0

I drive a 2010 Prius. I like it. I test drove every small car on the market when looking to get rid of my Tahoe and it was the only car my husband and I both agreed on. Something with the center console hitting his knees or whatever. I like that it feels more like an suv with a higher roof so I don't get so claustrophobic. It wasn't about the gas mileage and it wasn't about the looks on the outside. Personally I think it's hideous. It was about the inside comfort. And no I'm not some hippy freak that bought it to save the environment. If my Tahoe hadn't decided to shit out I'd still have that. I loved that truck. My husband drives a jeep with a 10" lift and 35" tires that maybe gets 10 mpg so it is nice to have something to help balance out the gas bill though.