By anon - 28/04/2012 14:31 - United States - Washougal

Today, I rear ended a cop while talking on my cell phone. FML
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There is no way you do not deserve it.

Sorry, you totally deserve it.


There is no way you do not deserve it.

i13Zero 5

This made my day.

Put your phone away you "ass".

Why is there quotation marks around the word 'ass'?

twifan1901 0

I don't know why but I pictured the turtle from finding nemo while reading noor's comment

I did too, lol. Squirt :)

gurly98 13

You never see an fml like that around.

19- that was a terrible joke. "Rear-ended". "Ass". LOLDATWUZFUNY. Not really.

Marcella1016 31

Rear ended a cop...sounds like a kinky sex move. Depending on your state, you could've been arrested for sodomy.

digitaljunky 5

Dude... Your totally asking for a "deserve it "

RegenaGeorge 0

You deserve it

RegenaGeorge 0

How could they possibly deserve it you noob

^^ Are you talking to yourself?

^Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

RegenaGeorge 0

They deserve It because they shouldn't have been on the phone anyway

RegenaGeorge 0

Yes but no one deserves such a thing to happen they could have gotten hurt

RegenaGeorge 0

You're an imbecile if you think like that Do u even know what an imbecile means? Nobody knows what it means but it's provacotive No it's not It's what keeps the people going!

^^ The effects of drugs kids.

Can the staff carry this stoner away on a stretcher? And take his comments too. They've gone from being slightly entertaining to really annoying.

desireev 17

I can, honestly, say that I have NEVER seen a bigger 'YDI' before on this site!!... EVER EVER EVER!!!!!

129- stoner?? That guy's on meth!!! He should get the ban hammer though...

25- The cop was hit in his rear, which is his ass. That's why.

Eila1996 5

26 - Why do you always have to post the most annoying comments? Just stop okay?

^Most of Noor's comments are actually entertaining. She has a few one's that are off, but hell! Even Doc has had a few that were buried. Back off. Sorry Noor. I'd say more, but people would start calling me a fanboy like this is ******* CoD, and I don't feel like dealing with them right now.

Osito2011 9

Women driver!

kshafer08 7

I hope you got sited several times! Failure to use hands free device, reckless operation, failure to maintain positive control of your vehicle, tailgating, oh and your headlights are out now too. Way to go ya jackass!

Maddidaddi 0

190- if your profile picture is you, I'm sorry.

Marcella1016 31

Wow 209 any reason to be so mean?? Don't listen to her, 190, you're cute :)

Mommyof2_91 10

Ah damn, I accidentally hit I agree that your life sucks, I meant to hit ydi. You definitely did deserve that, people like you shouldn't be on the road.

Mommyof2_91 10

166, I agree with you completely. At least her comments are her own creation, not the same stupid shit that some people post over and over.

36- Thanks to Finding Nemo, for a while I actually thought turtles said "Dude". :) I'm proud of myself!

tjv3 10

Should have been payi g attention to driving and not talking. You could have killed someone

ZombieVampirez 24

#213 I completely agree with you

Hahaha, suck shit.

You were obviously trying to get first, you probably didn't even read the FML, am I right?

Uh, nope, can't say I was trying for first comment. In fact, the first comment was already up before I even started to type. And yes, I did read it. Suck shit to the dumbass driver for being irresponsible behind the wheel. I'm guessing you're also in the same boat when it comes to being a fool?

You were obviously trying to get first comment, cad6! You probably didn't even read our responses, am I right?

#3 haha I love how your bio says post something creative next time and That's your comment? Wow how creative.

Heh, well it's 4am and numerous beverages are being consumed. Didn't really have the urge to write a huge comment for your satisfaction. Please, oh great one, forgive my sins. Next time I'll make my comment especially long, just for you.

Nice try, unoriginal one.

Really?? You would do that just for me? Awww how sweet thanks:) I knew I could count on you

MichellinMan 20

piss off you freak

I thought it was pretty original. I've heard "eat shit" before, but I've never heard "suck shit".

3, I don't really have an explanation, and I see you've taken a lot of flack for it... but your comment made me laugh the hardest I've laughed all week. For whatever it's worth, I pretty much think you've got special skills.

Sorry, you totally deserve it.

OP, you're lucky you didn't cause more serious accident. As a cyclist, douchebags like you are the reason I tend to ride on the sidewalk.

Threadjackers like you are the reason I can't reply to the original commentator.

^ why is it that on FML everyone all of the sudden becomes a responsible person? I am sure as heck everyone has used their phone while driving at least once in their life time. If you say you haven't you are lying.

49 - The "original commentator" said OP deserved it. I gave a reason as to why OP deserved it. That is not threadjacking. Don't be a douche, bro. And you can just say "commenter". A commentator is the guy that gives a play-by-play account of everything that is happening in a sports game on TV.

Kakarot2, I don't drive and even I voted YDI. Your argument is invalid.

You should ride on the sidewalk anyways, street isn't a place for bicycles.

Yeah, tell that to the dumbasses who make the bylaws...

49- Y'know, you could just indicate that you're replying to 2 instead of being a whiny bitch.

72. Since you don't drive, All you are doing is assuming therefore YOUR argument is invalid.

Im usually all about manners but no sorry needed, she just flat out deserved it lol.

My comment to the OP is exactly the same as #2 except without the word "sorry".

That person doesn't deserve your sorry too

Sorry guys! Fuck! I did it again!

Lol are you Canadian or something? ;P

Imagine that phone conversation.. Driver: yeah, I know! I was so.. Oh S*** *hangs up*

-Talking on phone while driving. Stupid -Talking on phone while driving around a cop. More stupid. -Having and accident with a cop because you were talking on the phone. Priceless. 100% OP deserves it.

Redoxx_fml 22

Cop: Do you know why I pulled you over? Op: Here goes: I sped. I followed too closely. I ran a stop sign. I almost hit a Chevy. I sped some more. I failed to yield at a crosswalk. I changed lanes at the intersection. I changed lanes without signaling while running a red light, talking on my phone, parking my car, and *speeding*!

Gotta love liar liar! Lol

Thats what you get

5- When you let your heart win? :)

What are you saying?

You're an idiot. I hope he cited your stupid ass. YD ******* I, Dumbshit. >:(

Just stating the Acronym. Not meant to be stood for anything... =/ But yeah, YFDI would've been better. >>;

22- acronyms stand for things. Silly.

Oh my...I guess I should have known better when I first commented. :(

3rdbass 9

Yes, because there is a chance he WOULND'T cite him.

Marcella1016 31

He did REAR END the maybe YDFI makes sense? O_o

I prefer YFDI myself.

That convo was funny *giggle*giggle* But 73 I think it might make more sense too =]

XxblueyyxX 3

Wow it was a typo, seriously lay off.

ashley0703 0

What did the cop say

"You better be on the phone with AllState!"

"Having phone sex while driving isn't a smart move."

He said to make sure you always remember your punctuation marks. Stay in school kids.

"I was calling my husband/wife to make sure s/he recorded Cops on the DVR."

My bad, I meant to put *OP- in front of that quote.

The cop said, "I'm glad you hit me, I never would've made my quota this late in the month"

The cop said that he/she made his day better

Or the cop read OP Miranda Rights :3

"You have the right to remain silent"

This is one of the few FMLs that make me wish I could vote YDI multiple times.

That's an odd fetish.

This actually made me laugh xD

Well next time don't talk on the phone while driving ! Foolishness is never acceptable !! YDI .

It's not even legal where I live; all for good reason.