There's no helping some people

By Anonymous - 10/11/2020 20:02 - United States - Livingston

Today, I was helping a 93 year-old hoarder organize her home. She asked me to make ropes from old plastic bags, fold bags in a specific odd way, then fit four large boxes of bags into one smaller one. I said I couldn't do those, nor fit four boxes in one. "Why are you here if you can’t do things?" she said. I’m a professional home organizer. FML
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Congrats OP! Shame your mother can't be happy for you though, she should be excited to be a grandma!

A bit of a nutter. FYL


A bit of a nutter. FYL

455 FYLs and 0 YDIs, as of right now. Wow.

she sounds like the mother-in-law of every woman's dreams. I feel more sorry for your wife than for you... You should stick up for your lady - threaten to cut contact with your mother until she gives your wife proper respect as a member of the family.

maybe OPs mother waited more than 15 years to have kids after getting married.. lol

Well the families reputation isn't going to last long if reproducing is that frowned upon!

#29, please tell me there's more like you!

Sounds like she was in an altered state of conscientious.

#21 Who cares?

Congrats OP! Shame your mother can't be happy for you though, she should be excited to be a grandma!

Your mother is an asshole. But congrats on you new son or daughter!

True - she's probably worried about her reputation, because she is a Grandma now. Woman get crazy when they get older.

At least your coworkers know your married

They were married 8 years. I'm sure he mentioned her at some point.

Exactly my point...

Oh, your comment made it sound like his mom yelling was what made them know. Sorry.

I didn't think it did at all. I took it as yup, the coworkers will know the mom is bat shit crazy

Sorry, I probably shouldn't be commenting this late. :p

But they could interpret it has the op cheated on his (assuming it's a guy) wife and got some random girl pregnant

It's a guy. Girls can't get girls pregnant. Use your brain.

Why is it that some parents just can't ever accept that their children grow up?

Couldn't you have just thumbed her up?

Couldn't you have just thumbed him down?

Couldn't all three on you just used the thumbs in the first place?

couldn't ALL of you have just taken your own advice? Now I'm doing it...

I think your mom wishes you were still a kid. Either that, or she went into a coma when you were 16 and didn't come out of it for a few years and believes you're 17-19 and unmarried. In all seriousness, your mother is pretty crazy, and not in a good way.

Well that escalated quickly. Sorry OP. Maybe she had an encounter with the MIB and they erased that part of her memory...

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It didn't escalate at all. It just... happened. The second she walked into the office.

It's a shame she's not being supportive. Good luck with the new baby, OP! :)

The new baby would be 7 years old.

if your coworkers didn't know yet they do now. congratulations!

Some mothers just can't seem to realize their kids aren't babies anymore. I imagine the rest of your family is aware of your marital status, though, and they're probably also aware of your mother's psychiatric status. Congratulations on your baby!

I bet this ain't about confusion over marital status or not wanting her son to grow up... This is about moms refusing to acknowledge / not liking their precious sons' wives. I've seen it happen plenty.

I don't see "30's and Pregnant" catching on anytime soon.