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  feelingold  |  18

she sounds like the mother-in-law of every woman's dreams. I feel more sorry for your wife than for you... You should stick up for your lady - threaten to cut contact with your mother until she gives your wife proper respect as a member of the family.

By  rawr_ily96  |  24

I think your mom wishes you were still a kid. Either that, or she went into a coma when you were 16 and didn't come out of it for a few years and believes you're 17-19 and unmarried. In all seriousness, your mother is pretty crazy, and not in a good way.

By  fightingkittens  |  39

Some mothers just can't seem to realize their kids aren't babies anymore. I imagine the rest of your family is aware of your marital status, though, and they're probably also aware of your mother's psychiatric status. Congratulations on your baby!

  feelingold  |  18

I bet this ain't about confusion over marital status or not wanting her son to grow up... This is about moms refusing to acknowledge / not liking their precious sons' wives. I've seen it happen plenty.