By Anonymous - 27/02/2013 18:27 - United States - New Orleans

Today, after scouring my apartment for quarters to do laundry, I found the correct amount of change. The change got jammed in the washing machine. I now have no more quarters, and my clothes are caked with soap from washing them in the sink. FML
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Jacksparrow72 21

That sucks OP. Try washing them in your bath tub. If you have one.


Jacksparrow72 21

That sucks OP. Try washing them in your bath tub. If you have one.

zero4life123 7

Ya actually the bath tub can make a really good washing machine. Just need to add a little more soup though..

A bathtub for washing and then hang it on the shower curtain to dry, it's cheaper than a laundromat and definitely cheaper than a washer and dryer of your own

Hey it worked for thousands of years. Can work today. Get some corrugated steel in there and you're set. Don't forget the soup (Avoid tomato soup, it is the best for getting stains out)

wlddog 14

Nice callback 9. I am still not fully recovered from reading that FML.

If OP doesn't have a bath tub, a sink always works. I've done it many times and it is very effective.

Agreed practically a lot of public machines like vending machines especially... Seems to get my money every time!

Lots of Laundromats are old though. May be the equipment!

If they're old enough, you might be able to get away with the old string on the quarter trick...

Kick the shit out of it that usally works for me

MolesterStallone 13

Should have brought more quarters...

29- pretty sure they'd have washing machines newer than the early 80's, which is when I think they started putting blades in the coin slots to stop that from happening.

31-Scouring for change probably means OP could barely find enough quarters to wash in the first place, let alone extra.

Well shit, I hope the soap smells nice at least..

Spit shine, it'll take a while but it might work.

I hate when that happens. It's why I never use public washers/driers. Can't ever trust them. Especially campground ones, bugs collect in them and die and then you have them in your clothes.

Yes. Bugs. Like roaches. And some flying insect I never saw before. I never went back.

Tell the manager to clean your ******* clothes

Well op lives in an apartment building so maybe the building has a laundry room, so there are no managers

perdix 29

Take 'em down to de bayou, Boudreax! Rinse 'em off wit' de gators and laissez les bon temps rouler!

cameron50055 9

Maybe ask someone for some change? Or your gonna have to keep looking for more. Sorry op :(

That's why you don't piss of the elves! They pull this shit every time. It's very simple, leave a saucer of honey and a saucer of milk. Then they leave the laundry alone. That information I got was on the Internet... You can't lie on there.

I think you smoked enough marijuana for today lol

This is a reference to something, but I can't remember what it was. In the story/movie if you gave the elves a saucer of honey and a saucer of cream they would fall asleep. Wow, kinda wish I could remember the title, it's going to bug me now.

Season 6 Episode 9 of Supernatural. Ok I'm done here.