By Anonymous - 06/10/2015 03:46 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, I finally got a job so I could stop missing out on going out with my friends every weekend. Turns out I work only Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and there's no way around it. FML
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It wasn't in the description or discussed in the interview?

Welcome to life, my friend.


Welcome to life, my friend.

It wasn't in the description or discussed in the interview?

Let's be honest here, who doesn't say they're available at all times to get a job? OP just got unlucky.

14: while that's a valid point, I find it hard to believe the interviewer didn't reiterate the fact it's a weekend job.

As a college student I've had an extremely difficult time finding a job that will work with me on scheduling. I've had a couple jobs that have scheduled me on days I had classes and a few who have scheduled me too many hours. I also go out of town a lot to visit family and I like to vacation. I tell all this ahead of time, and they act surprised when I'm going somewhere or need time off for studying. I've finally found a job that let's me make my own schedule. I'm "part time casual", and it's great.

Have you never had a proper job before, 48? Every employer will act shocked if you frequently tell them you're going away or you're busy and you can't work. There's a reason you get limited holiday at work, and constantly needing time off in the world of work is looked at as highly unreliable and unprofessional.

I work one or two shifts a week. I don't work retail jobs or serving jobs as a career. I've worked legitimate jobs, at internships, which I understand my duties and my required attendance. I didn't jet off and ask for ridiculous favors at the few internships I've worked (although they've underdtood that school comes first). My schooling comes first and I work part time for pocket money to relieve my parents somewhat financially. My college and all expenses are paid for. I shouldn't be required to work full time at my retail job because they want me to. I go into jobs telling them my intentions. I've luckily found a job that understands my position as a student, and that my employment at their company isn't my main priority. My paychecks that are a few hundred bucks allow me to put gas in my car, go out, and buy things I want. Obviously when I have an "adult job", I won't need time off to study for exams, or to attend classes, and that I have to use my vacation time to go out of town. It's ridiculous that I've had to explain myself in such detail. Apparently you don't know what it means to work part time as a college student.

Welcome to my life

Sometimes jobs will start you out there because no one wants to work those days and that's where they need workers. It tests your commitment to the job. Give it some time and they might move you around a little bit.

Hopefully you can make new friends at your job that you can hang out with! Best of luck OP!

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Welcome to being an adult. They generally work 5 days straight, sometimes 7.

I don't work nights but today is my 26th day in a row so cry me a river!

Well maybe I should reword this: I work all weekends for 14 hour shifts 5 days a week. I just pointed out I know the feels.

Would help if you wrote that in the first place.

While working as at a part time job (vexause of school) I worked for 35 days in a row, because we were so understaffed. Payday was nice but it was a very tiring schedule, especially since I had my semester finals!

Get your friends to go out on Thursday nights... Tends to be ladies night most of the time anyway. save some money!

Thursday nights are a big thing in London. Why be hungover on your time when you can be hungover on your employers time

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What, you've never been bummed that all your friends were together and you're left out? OP may or may not need to grow up, but you could definitely use some more friends, #8.

Congrats on the job tho !! You'll have some catching up to do with your friends and by the time you do, you'll be able to afford it! First round is on you!

it's a fun cycle, getting a job to make money then not being able to spend money, cause job...

...bills? Hello? Is everyone here like 15 or some kind of gypsy or some shit?