By redvolvo23 - 12/06/2013 04:57 - United States

Today, I was bombarded with phone calls from debt collectors. After some investigation, it turns out my grandma, who has dementia, has been going into our mailbox and throwing away the outgoing mail because it wasn't addressed to her. I'm now apparently 3 months behind in payments. FML
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First of all ... My grandma was throwing away my outgoing mail, I own rental properties and I pay with money orders so I'm always right on my bank account, a lot of my payments are the same every month I never gave it a thought to double check, cause it's like clockwork. Even had I written checks my statements come quarterly. I keep copies of my money orders thankfully. As for my grandma we didn't realize she was this bad...

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How do you not realize you haven't been paying bills? Pretty sure I'd notice that I had a lot, or ANY, money in the bank.


How do you not realize you haven't been paying bills? Pretty sure I'd notice that I had a lot, or ANY, money in the bank.

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Not everyone does online banking. My mom used to use cash to get money orders and mail them out to the company. She didn't use a bank. Maybe OP does it this way as well?

@19 Even without online banking, the OP should have noticed that something was amiss after the first month. His bills the following month would have arrearage charges on them. The FML only mentions that the outgoing mail was tampered with. Even if the incoming mail was tampered with though, the OP should have noticed a distinct lack of bills coming in.

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And even if you don't do online banking, you still get a monthly bank statement.

TheDrifter 23

Just the fact that OP didn't spend thousands of dollars that are usually spent over the course of three months should have been a big clue, even before the collection calls.

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@24 Your monthly bank statement would come in the mail and get thrown out by grandma.

20 is right OP deserves it for not noticing such an obvious problem.

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He could have used money orders.

He has been paying. Grandma was throwing away the outgoing mail.

They have been paying. That's what the grandma was throwing away. The payment.

Just explain what happened and maybe your bill companies will give you some time to get paid up

They don't care... This is some good OJ...

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That blows sorry to hear about your grandma and ur bills :(

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**** both your lives here. She has dementia and you'll probably be in debt. :( very horrible indeed.

Probably? Sounds like op already is in debt. :P

You didn't notice that you had all that extra money for 3 months? I check my bank accounts daily.

TheCutestLizard 28

Sorry to say it, but YDI OP! How do you go 3 months without paying a bill? That's just irresponsible on your part.

OP did make attempt to pay the bills, but his grandma interfered with the mail before it got to the recipient.

Can you read? OP did pay the bills. Grandma unpaid them.

imsh0rts0watt 9

YDI... How do you not notice that you haven't received your bills in the mail? It's not as if they suddenly paid themselves off

Some people don't read... OP obviously did get the bills, did write the cheques, and did attempt to post them, at which point his grandma threw the OUTGOING mail in the trash without telling anyone.

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#26 - OP is still at fault for not reconciling his or her bank account. Just because you write a check doesn't mean your bill has been paid.

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Well excuse me for being human and accidentally misreading the post.. In either case OP deserves it, he should have noticed even when if he did receive his mail and open the statements to notice it said there was a missed payment

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So you don't read your monthly statements showing you that you missed a payment? Should've noticed first month.

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Do you not go over your bank statements or confirm what checks have cleared?