By Smokey - 31/07/2017 00:30

Today, I found out that my neighbours are mad at me because I smoke. I don't smoke on the balcony, I walk away from the apartment complex so that they won't be affected by my bad habit. They're still mad at me because they can still see me. Didn't know that you could smell with your eyes. FML
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Then you may as well smoke on your balcony, no? Just post a sign: "Smoker Watching Prohibited" lol

I'd just smoke on the balcony then if they're gonna be that petty


Then you may as well smoke on your balcony, no? Just post a sign: "Smoker Watching Prohibited" lol

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Ugh that must be so annoying!

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Honestly I doubt that. Most millennials I know might say something once about it but it would probably be like "that's bad for you" and thatd be the end of it. They wouldn't get pissy about seeing someone smoking (esp if they can't smell it). Baby boomers on the other hand are some of the most entitled, thin-skinned whiners I've ever seen. The neighbors are probably Boomers

Oops I gave you an accidental thumbs up

Oh please you look like a millennial yourself

i dont smoke but have never understood people who are so cunty about it. there are things way worse than the smell in the world.

It's not really the smell that people generally take issue with, it's the increased risk of the toxic side effects of second hand smoke, like asthma, heart disease, and cancer. That being said, if you're out of smelling range, you're probably out of range of second hand smoke, so I'm not sure why a visual would be such a problem.

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I don't care who smokes and who doesn't, but saying that smoking is good for you is just retarded. I agree, it may feel good, but it isn't worth it.

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I didnt say it was good for you - I just said it was amazing. I agree, smoking is bad for you - but life is 100% fatal anyway, so live it up, and please, stop confusing internet wit and sarcasm for sound medical advice :P

I'd just smoke on the balcony then if they're gonna be that petty


Not with their eyes maybe, but they can still smell you with their nose when you come back smelling like ashtray..

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They're his neighbors, not his roommates. If they don't like the way he smells then they can go fuck themselves, he's being more than courteous enough

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Similar situation happened to me. I just kept doing what I was doing and they went to complain to management. Management told them I have every right to smoke and because I was smoking far away from the walkways and front lobby doors, they can't do anything to me. There will always be people that think the world revolves around them.

I would not be surprised to find out that they're ex-smokers themselves -- ex-smokers are more likely to be uber-offended by smoke than anyone else. I've not smoked in about ten years now, and I try to be extra-understanding around smokers in open places precisely because of how rude and unreasonable people could be to me when I was a smoker. I had a neighbor who once complained to me when I smoked outside. He claimed that there must be "some freak thing with the wind" (his words exactly) that carried the smoke down the building, around the corner, past his bedroom window, and into his living room window. Even though I had no legal obligation to do so, I started smoking farther away from the building, where I noticed that the people who lived in the building next door would lean out their window to smoke, right next to his living room window. I pointed this out to him. He lied and said that he never said he could smell the smoke in his living room, and that it was the kitchen he had mentioned. He also let it slip that he was an ex-smoker, and couldn't stand the smell of smoke because it made him want a cigarette. I wanted to say, "The difference between you and me is that I can quit smoking and take away what it is that you don't like about me. But I'm pretty sure I'll always not like you, because you'll always be an asshole."

If he could smell it in the living room, then he was probably smelling the stale smoke on your clothes. You could always do what the Victorians did: smoking jackets weren't just a fashion thing; they were worn to protect the clothes underneath from smelling if stale smoke. Try putting aside one jacket that you don't mind smelling of smoke, and putting it on when you smoke so that you can take the smell off with the jacket.

then smoke some weed and they'll REALLY smell it. fuck them

lololol watch it be the opposite way with weed

Smoke if you want to smoke. Everyone has their habits.