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love spuds? bahaha :)

ydi for calling them love spuds


it sucked that much, you had to call ur dad? -Pun intended

ydi for calling them love spuds

the leech really had to grow a pair to go after the love spuds.

I can't even imagine how awkward that would be...

Ewwwie, that must've been awkward.

that SUCKS. I bet your dad BLEW up with laughter after he saw it.

WTF are love spuds?

I assuming they're testicles.

no they're mister and mrs. potato head durrrr

Then who was leech????

You call transvestite hookers "leeches"? I bet there was so much sucking going on that it took a while for your dad to pull it off your "love spuds".

would have sucked even more if you got a boner

got the love spuds, in the love shack! baby love shack!

the fuck are love spuds?

the fuck are love spuds?

And that's why children, you where bathing suits while swimming.

Yes I realized my mistake, and yes I corrected it. No need to correct it again.

If you payed any attention to time, then you would realize they where posted within a minute of each other.

"love spuds??" this is the first and god willing the last I ever here that used by a man. >.< lmao FYL

Eh, its good father-son bonding! I've had to dig a tick out of my boyfriends balls while camping. we've never been closer :-3

at least it wasn't your mom that had to do it

My first thought.

love spuds? da fuck....

My thoughts exactly.

-143 wowwwww really????

And the fact you have to burn off leeches

woow that sucks ...

Is it too soon to make a blowjob joke?

at least it didn't get your love carrot.

I'm guessing love spuds refer to OP's balls from analyzing all the "blows"/"sucks" puns. I can't see the gender of OP on my iPhone so can anyone confirm?

That s not punny!

love spuds? bahaha :)

Bahaha that was my first thought too. "Love spuds" term ever XD

lmao mine too.

props for "love spuds"

ok so is that a reference to breasts? :O

I thought the same thing! lol

135-no to his balls

OP, next time that happens, just use salt. easiest way to get rid of them. damn aquatic mosquitos.

-Insert amused chuckle.-

woow that sucks ...

I can picture the leech's reaction when it realized it wasn't sucking blood

cut your balls off. then it will never happen again lol....

3- no pun intended?

you're not meant to pull leeches off it's much safer to leave them on

Aww look at the Pika-kitty.

lol love spuds good one

5-get a new profile picture, your is annoying. middle finger and a smile, classy.

That's not being mean, it's being honest. Those types of pictures are really stupid.

maddie- because everyone wants to see just one eye and your chin. grow up

plus he's ugly

Are you here to look at people's pictures?

Lol aww the leech wanted to stat with you :( you're so mean!

at least you don't have to worry about blueballs anytime soon xP

Ah man no soda!? I love bawls!

Why would you call your dad? .... and what did he do that you couldn't?

op's dad is a professional massage therapist.

op's dad is a professional massage therapist.

I believe his dad helped him "get it off", Sweej.

sprinkle salt on its head :)

WTH are love spuds?!?!

the same question seemed to pop into my head while reading this.. an fml and wtf moment!!

why not ur mum?

that sucks balls!