By asdfBUTT - 06/03/2012 01:36 - United States

Today, I went swimming in a pond. I came out covered in leeches. Terrified, I screamed, flailed about and cried out for help until half a dozen people ran over. One of them was kind enough to point out that those leeches I was so afraid of were actually patches of mud. FML
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someindiandude 6

sure must have sucked

Oops, that's embarrassing. On the plus side though, no leeches!


someindiandude 6

sure must have sucked

Actually there wouldn't have been any "sucking" at all.

Leeches don't even hurt, and if you let them fall off on their own then you won't get the pain of pulling them off. It is weird to have them hanging off you though.

someindiandude 6

sucked for OP for thinking she was being sucked by leeches.

15 - leeches can carry tons of diseases though, I sure wouldn't be comfortable letting them sit there until they're done...

She sure sounds pretty dumb

Wicked361 8

I see what you did there e.e

Why would you swim in a pond anyways? I mean I get the lake thing but ponds are much disease ew.

Druu 53

A bloodcurdling experience?

Oops, that's embarrassing. On the plus side though, no leeches!

Ahh, but if there were, it wouldn't have been as embarrassing. Sort of a, health vs dignity thing here

MetalxSoldier 26

True, there weren't any leeches but she might need glasses...

I would scream too ! But..You brought it on your self! Why would you swim in a pond?!

MerrikBarbarian 9

59- you sure you love nature? I mean who doesn't swim in a pond at some point. Unless you own a pool or live near the ocean, where else do you swim?

a lake! way better then some pond

I know someone's thinking of saying a phrase similar to this so I'm gonna get it out of the way ... "that's a muddy situation.." -_-

Nobody was thinking that.

Oh I'm sure someone is .. I just hate reading "situation" at the end of comments ..

That's a MUDDY situation.

So if I say that's a muddy situation, I'll irritate you AND render your comment utterly and completely pointless? Challenge accepted. That's a muddy situation.

Actually, nomuddy was thinking that. :)

Why was there so much mid in the pool?

There was no mid in any pools. However, there may have been some mud in a pond.

There's too much mid in my sound pool, not enough lows or highs :-/

I read it as pool. My bad. I apologize. Pond makes much more sense. And thanks for pointing out such a common typo. I and U are right next to each other. I'm sure I'm not the only iPhone user her press the wrong letter by mistake. Abyway I rescind my precious comment.

36 Are you trolling? A grammar nazi would twitch uncontrollably reading that last comment!

Life can be a leech sometimes.

7-It just sucks the fun right out of you and takes all your blood from you like some parasite. Well, I find life to be quite enjoyable after overlooking the bad parts.

Trying a little too hard there to be funny

to be expected. usually ponds are pretty nasty

Ya but is it that hard to tell the difference between bugs and mud? Maybe you need glasses?

MwahFMLS 6

Whoops, paranoid maybe?

starman02 12

To be expected though! Leeches are awful! I would have freaked out to!

Would have been priceless nonetheless to see something like that!

starman02 12

Haha yeah it would have been.. But I would not like to have been in this persons shoes!

Starman02 your about me is awesome!! Love it!! Your cute too

Even if they were leeches, just leave them on. They drop off after a few minutes anyway.

starman02 12

Some people maybe comfortable having a slimy.. Black.. Nasty looking thing sucking they're blood on them.. But most people would not just leave a leech to feed.. With no reaction..

They can also give you some serious diseases and they don't all fall off in a few minutes. Get one in the perfect spot and it can stay for weeks, one of my grandpa's friends that to go the hospital for it.

You can actually die from many leeches, and you have to burn them off before they can seriously harm you or give you a disease.