By zerom - 23/07/2011 00:52 - France

Today, I was discussing the traffic with my brother. He said the most common car colour is red. I said it was black. We ended up betting €100 on which three vehicles of either colour would pass by our house first. It seems a convoy of fire trucks had somewhere to be in a hurry. FML
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That's when you bet another €100 that firetrucks aren't cars then wait for the next 3 cars.


Haha dude I'm sorry that sucks. At least it wasn't any more money than that!

he probly made a fake phone call to the fire department so that they would drive by ur house

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tell your brother that you were at a strip club and a stripper dropped that money out of her asscrack. see if he still wants it.

That's unfortunate. Haha, sorry OP! FYL:(

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France learned how to start a fire? I'm ******* impressed. Soap, Water, Razor, Haircut are next!

if you had my brother's luck it'd have been the president and the secret service.

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I'd have said silver personally. But that's based on Australia. Yes "mates", we have cars here! Better believe it.

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fire trucks aren't cars, now if u bet most vehicles are red than that's different

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106 not all are red, the fire department here have orange fire trucks

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am i the only one who knows statics on here? even if firetrucks didnt go by i can assure you, you would have lost any ways; the most common car color is red, also red cars are often stole the most hence the reason insurance on a red car is alot..... i have a red car

That's where you are wrong most common color is white dipshit look it up.

113- No need to get testy about a small incorrect statement. I believe that a dark color such as dark blue or gray would be most popular.

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hahaha that's some Bad Luck.

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-112, I don't know much about "statics" like you but I do know about statistics. And yes, red will def win the bet.

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Sorry but round my neck of the woods it's silver or white. Therefore you are all wrong by default. Derp!

Around here the most common car color is actually blue. Which is really weird seeing everybody's comments on their areas. But hey, it was actually in the newspaper a few weeks back. And red cars are stolen the most. And therefore pulled over by the police more. I wouldn't get a red car... Lol.

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Yeah but red cars go faster...

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around where I live sliver is the most seen, if you look out over a parking lot, at least 75% of the cards are sliver. also fire trucks shouldn't have counted, just like a bunch of black funeral cars driving by(I forget what they are called) wouldn't count . oh and I have seen green fire trucks

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the firetruck was in a hurry to get a cat out of a tree. but it hit a dog on the way.

111 yup. Our ones here are white. You never see red ones here anymore. but that sucks OP.

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For those who were in trouble and called for the fire trucks

If op wasn't an idiot, he/she would know that a truck is not a car, seeing as the competition was the "most common car colour"

well at least it wasn't more than €100

#121 no, one pound is worth more than one dollar

Yeah...that's my point. If I bet £100 it'd be about $160(?) USD for me since I live in the US. Don't think to hard about it, I was making a wisecrack.

err € and too. meh. Anyway, it was just a matter of perspective.

At least fire trucks aren't cars. Did you think about that OP?

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why are people talking about pounds? this person is talking about euros

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Sweetnightmare- Your profile says you you are a grammar nazi but you wrote it like a ******* retard. You're dumb. Docscientist- you're also retarded.

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it's a fire truck, retard. think about it.

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lol this reminds me of a family guy episode. Louis: Peter what color is a red fire truck Peter: hmmm....

Firetrucks are bright green here in Miami.

since it's on FML he clearly lost....so i'm going with red

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they were all black, that's obviously why he lost the bet.

fail to everyone who was unable to detect the sarcasm in that post.

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57 I just bought this new sarcasm detector app and there was a 0% sarcasm in 4s comment. so you FAIL

I think the SMILEY FACE insinuates that it is in fact a joke, people. why so serious

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Firetrucks at airports are yellow.

i think it was a joke.. people can be d-bags on here sometimes /:

i think it was a joke.. people can be d-bags on here sometimes /:

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they can be if the joke isn't funny or even a joke to begin with

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I've seen some short blue fire trucks in Orange County, Middle town

I'm pretty sure she was just kidding...but I've seen yellow fire trucks before too

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shes obviously kidding ? cmonn people ....

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i have seen neon green tire trucks...

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11 How do you make that face?

Shhh, everyone. Be quiet, chester75 is the supreme authority on sarcasm and jokes. Chester's judgement is final and shall not be challenged.

34- Which, in turn, reminds me of The Little Rascals: "What's the number for 911?!" "I don't know!" *Fire Department is right behind them*

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hey docscientist are you by any chance related to docbasterd ?

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That's when you bet another €100 that firetrucks aren't cars then wait for the next 3 cars.

Yeah, I don't think those should count really. Fire trucks are not people's personal cars and therefore the color can't be chosen by anyone. We have some badass fire trucks around here that are an obnoxious highlighter yellow-green.

here the thing about saying firetruck it starts with "f" and ends with "uck"

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what starts with "p" and ends with "orn"...popcorn

so whenever you're in trouble or out of luck, you no longer have to exclaim "oh ****!"

hey look at that they just bleeped me. just say firetruck it's so easy.

I'd like to take a moment, just sit right there. I'll show ya how you can firetruck, anywhere

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you get ran over by a...what? Firetruck!

so next time you wanna say the "f" word just say firetruck it's more polite

Especially since he had just rung to report a massive oil refinery fire down the road....