By Username - 23/06/2011 04:47 - United States

Today, I got home to find my truck smashed by a fallen old tree. I was going to have the tree removed next week. FML
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mismonroe 0


in Soviet Russia, tree takes down YOU.

theten_fml 9

have your insurance cover it and now the trees out the way. you got lucky haha

SunshineBoy21 0

One week too late. On the bright side, you can use the money that you were going to use to remove the tree to fix your truck. ;) When one door closes, smash through a wall!

flockz 19

31- for some reason i thought of the koolaid man when i read your comment lol

35. probably the part about wall smashing. OH YEAAAAA

mattmadden 0


when I said you, I meant the car, as it is an extention of you.

they were probably procrasterbating like they said in Tosh.0 (procrastinating by masturbating.)

juicedboi 7

it's a shame. That trick was 2 days from retirement too right?

juicedboi 7
zendaddy0 0

he knew about the attack and he struck first

well that's out of the way then. make new plans for next week..

cherrybitches 6

mother nature is so cruel sometimes

So get Allstate and protect yourself from mayhem like me

ImaWiseGuy 5

get allstate and get protected from mayhem like old falling trees...

talk about a suicidal yet revengeful tree 

blame it on fate for you Parking on that spot

i don't Understand your capitalization.

that's a iPod correction(I sun Luke it either

zgomon 10

I turned auto correct off on my IPod. Made me say shit that didnt make any sence. but then again, I cannot spell worth a damn.

hope ya had insurance. new truck time!

hope fully op has Allstate to protect him from mayhem like that.

JacksonCampbell 9
Vincanety 0

it's a plane it's a bird no wait it's a tree

How do you mistake a bird or a plane for a tree?

OceanBreathesSal 5

no how does one mistake a SIGN for a tree?

angiedancesalott 8

i think thats the trees way of punishing you for trying to cut it down. fyl.

djdirtnasty 0

I have some pants u can climb into?

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muchagente 5

at least, now you don't have to remove the tree. always think positive. do you need a bike? i got an old one.

I think tree is a pretty cool guy. eh, smashed your truck and doesn't afraid of anything.

Took me a few times, but I finally understand your comment...