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talk about timing

Are you in good hands..?


talk about timing

in Soviet Russia, tree takes down YOU.

But the tree took down the car.

have your insurance cover it and now the trees out the way. you got lucky haha

Wait. So is the tree ok?

One week too late. On the bright side, you can use the money that you were going to use to remove the tree to fix your truck. ;) When one door closes, smash through a wall!

31- for some reason i thought of the koolaid man when i read your comment lol

35. probably the part about wall smashing. OH YEAAAAA



when I said you, I meant the car, as it is an extention of you.

they were probably procrasterbating like they said in Tosh.0 (procrastinating by masturbating.)

it's a shame. That trick was 2 days from retirement too right?

truck*.. failjoke got worse

he knew about the attack and he struck first

well that's out of the way then. make new plans for next week..

mother nature is so cruel sometimes

So get Allstate and protect yourself from mayhem like me

get allstate and get protected from mayhem like old falling trees...

talk about a suicidal yet revengeful tree 

damnn nature you scary!

haha I get the sxephil reference

hope the car was old to

haha that really sucks, fyl.

well now the trees gone at least?

It went down with a fight

blame it on fate for you Parking on that spot

Blame it on procrastination

i don't Understand your capitalization.

that's a iPod correction(I sun Luke it either

I turned auto correct off on my IPod. Made me say shit that didnt make any sence. but then again, I cannot spell worth a damn.

hope ya had insurance. new truck time!

hope fully op has Allstate to protect him from mayhem like that.

No, it's a tree.

it's a plane it's a bird no wait it's a tree

How do you mistake a bird or a plane for a tree?

no how does one mistake a SIGN for a tree?

i think thats the trees way of punishing you for trying to cut it down. fyl.

I have some pants u can climb into?

Are you in good hands..?

at least, now you don't have to remove the tree. always think positive. do you need a bike? i got an old one.

I think tree is a pretty cool guy. eh, smashed your truck and doesn't afraid of anything.

Took me a few times, but I finally understand your comment...