By Becks - 7/9/2020 23:01

The spirit of John Lennon

Today, I found a bug in my bra. Not a huge deal, so I flicked him out. Turns out he was a black blister beetle. I woke to at 3 a.m. to insane pain, as well as the water blisters all over my boobs. FML
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  JoanT  |  11

I live in Hawaii bugs are so common, plus I grew up with so many brothers they never bother me until they give you painful water blisters on the boobs

  RichardPencil  |  30

Do I want to know how your brothers give you "painful water blisters" on your boobs?

Uh, ... no. If you'll share your tittie pics with everyone in the world but me, I certainly don't want to know what your brothers do to your boobs.