By gotitEVERYWHERE - 08/03/2010 22:40 - United States

Today, after puking all over the bathroom and my legs, I called my husband for sympathy. The first thing he says is "Did you cry?" and when I answered no, instead of wishing me better he quickly exclaimed "WHO'S MY BIG GIRL!" FML
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caticaticati 3

F your life, your husband has a sense of humor and wanted to make you laugh when you were upset.


If I was sick and my significant other said that in that situation, I'd definitely chuckle. And why the hell are you calling? for sympathy? Your man probably thinks you're a pain in the ass right when he hangs up.

danman91 0

sounds like something I would tell my girl lol

YourEvilHero 12

if I was your husband I would tell u to shut the hell up, and get out of the bathroom and into the kitchen and make me a sandwhich.

Pball11 0

I'd say he's a good man, he's just trying to cheer you up in a bad situation

xxdakotaxx 0

#24 total win :D

The bar for an FML is this low

@19 who says chuckle anymore? loser.

Yes she is. Did you at least clean up before you called to whine? You were sick and your husband tried to cheer you up while complimenting you. What's the problem?

XYZzzzzzzz 0

If he was your BF i would probably see this differently. but its your husband, so i really see nothing wrong with it

This sounds completely normal to me. Quit living under a rock, bitch.

did you answer the question or did you just sit there with vomit on your lips and a stupid expression on your face?

win for the husband

stop being a needy bitch

caticaticati 3

F your life, your husband has a sense of humor and wanted to make you laugh when you were upset.

I pity the fool that doesn't cry!

waNgEmsauCe 0

lol blue you make me laugh everytime... xD and OP, I have that same sense of humor... if my girlfriend called me after that I'd try to cheer her up too. Find a sense of humor OP....

all the ppl above me or a unsympathetic lol girl you lucky thats my kind of husband

bahahaha oh man,your husband I not so much grow the hell up!

Luce_del_sole 0


Be glad your husband has a sense of humor. Why are women such big babies?

XxRayRayxX 0

In case you havnt noticed, most of the girls here think the OP is a whiny bitch too

Why are you such a sexist asshole #8?

I don't think that was an FML... he's trying to cheer you up...

I have to agree with you. I have a friend that calls her boyfriend over the smallest things, like being the "coldest person alive" when it's a warm night out. It makes me want to vomit. The fact that she called him for sympathy instead of waiting for him to come home really does what? You didn't call him for medicine or anything really truly important. And he asked if she cried? Just... I know I called my mom as a kid when I was sick, but the OP is a married adult. You really do have to put the big girl pants on at some point. His comment verifies this.

well isn't this the worst thing that can happen to a person. pfft