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By Laci - 30/04/2011 17:50 - United States

Today, I was stuck crouching over the toilet after a night of drinking. My fiancé walked in, gathered my hair, and held it out of the way. When another wave of nausea hit me and I leaned in, he shoved my face into the bowl and ran out, laughing and yelling, "That'll teach ya!" FML
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So being married means you can't drink anymore? That's about the dumbest thing I've ever heard. The hangover sucks but sometimes it's fun to let loose. Not the end of the world

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77, no one said you can't drink while you're married, but if the girl spent her day in a toilet, that means she was drinking excessively. and you shouldn't be doing that if youre married, engaged or have children because when you're under the influence of alcohol things doesn't always end up pretty =)

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59, I concur. For those who marked 59 down. I take it you don't know how abusive relationships progress.

Marriage is love. Love is blind. Therefore marriage is an institution for the blind.

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mature successful people dont waste their time getting drunk. if you need to be drunk in order to have a good time maybe you need some new friends or something.

I agree, sounds like he is severely lacking in both brains and class.

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that's some mighty husband you have their good luck

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from the one that looks like rebecca black lol

#1 beat him up for her, since u r such a badass and play contact sports.

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@167 then they go well together dont they?

lol i shouldve done that to my bf when he used to drink that badly that sounds like something stewie would do to lois

drinking and being married have nothing to do with each other. it's her choice.

mwahahaha ydi for drinking so much u vomit!

lmao he's amazing. YDI for drinking like an idiot.

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I think puking all day was a good enough punishment, she didn't deserve to get her head shoved in a toilet too.

girl gotta learn a lesson, he said it!

Well, it probably will. You should still punish him though.

Think of it this way: he is just trying to help you not get sick.

Right... She could easily get the stomach flu or worse if any of that toilet water got into her mouth... Is the OP's fiance a twelve-year-old boy? Kick his judgmental ass.

I dont think toilet water is any different than regular water until you "put" stuff in it. I could be wrong though.

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yes you are wrong. unless you were to clean your toilet every time you use it you have particles of feces and urine still in it and YES that can make you ill. do you drink out of your toilet when you're out of bottled water?

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My toilets are always super clean but I would never put my face where asses go. I'd rather throw up outside or even in my garbage disposal. Toilet water always slashes up. I'd get even sicker than I already am if that happened.

^^ lol at 0 out of 69 fmls posted XD

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every time you flush the toilet, you send airborne shit/piss particles flying throughout quite a range of air, including into your face, toothbrush, etc. your body has probably already produced antibodies to fend prevent most viruses carried. I'm guessing MOST of whatever has been in there has been in her body already, via ingestion or from husband's contact. voila! immunity for life :) (bleach toilet after company?)

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let's remove that extra fend there

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well did you learn your lesson???

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sorry I was just messing around

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I don't even know what you posted since it's moderated, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have appreciated it.

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I asked for your number. when I wrote it it was funny. I'm bored at work. no disrespect intended.

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