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Today, my boyfriend of 3 years left me because apparently I'm "too beautiful and he can no longer handle other guys always trying to flirt with me." FML
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well you shouldve made him feel like he had nothing to worry about and done something about the guys hitting on you. biitch say something.

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um hun if ur really that good looking then maybe u should plan a trip to charleston south carolina. ill be more than happy to patch up ur brokin heart haha jk. but really thats horrible that he did that and u can find someone better goodluck with everything!

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22 ur a fag, go pick up chicks like a regular man or lesbian

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I would take that as a super compliment haha

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she should stop flirting back with all these guys then. ydi

ProTip: if you like his best friend, start dating him. vengeance FTW

Very devious ... but I like it!!! :-)

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Today My boyfriend broke up with me because I constantly flirt with other guys. FML

65 said it perfectly. Your boyfriend needs to sprout some balls.

then go out with one of the guys flirting with u

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that's a guys way of saying you're hot but I just don't want to be with you. I got told this same thing and I had one of my guy friends translate it for me :(

he's a genius. ur an idiot for not saying anything

Youre way too beautiful girl! that's why it won't ever work! ^_^

...and he let's them flirt with you why??? Sounds like he doesn't have the confidence to be with a girl like you... Keep searching, there are guys who wouldn't let that happen out there...of course there are also guys who are too protective... i'm sure it will work out for you in the end :-)

FYLDeep 25

Guys shouldn't have been able to hit on you if you were in the kitchen were you belonged.

Monikabug 9

And? You're a beautiful girl! Go bag you a man that is worthy! :)

nobody leaves anybody for being attractive. nobody.

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yeah they do if the girl is a major flirt and has more guy friends. also if she pays more attention to her friends instead of her guy

@ 119 if she is hot but u findout she is a **** later than guys might leave her

omgrofllmao @ ugofficial. now that shit was funny..... and true.

Ones like these make the case for a "not an FML" button.

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the boyfriend is just feeding her a line so her feelings wont get hurt. No one would break up with a girl for being to hot. This is just a really bad break up line and ydi for beliving its true

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wow he's special with a capital R

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yea u should of told them to **** off and that u got a gf. ggyyv. good ****** I love it

I have the same selfconfidence problem but in this case I would be the attractive guy.

I know how that is.. my ex would Always get hit on and she wouldn't notice and I would almost beat someones ass everyday

You said it op needs to stop bein such a ***** like that

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Luce isnt ugly, get your eyes tested... and i dont see you putting your photo on your profile

theian01 3

My girlfriend gets checked out and flirted with and asked out and everything. To tell the truth, it gets annoying. Nothing to break up about, but it's still annoying.

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So... He should marry her because he's insecure? A lot of guys won't care if she's married anymore than they do now. He just needs some self-esteem. I've dated a couple girls who always got hit on, and I get hit on a lot, but we both knew that we could trust each other no matter who flirted with either. It's just a matter of not letting your insecurities affect the way you see your significant other. Or OP could date guys who are more attractive than she =P I dated girls less attractive back in high school when I was insecure =D

LtHoward 0

I can see how something like this may bug a person. I wonder though if she flirted back with the guys that flirted with her, cause that would piss me off and have me worried. If not then the guy is kind of a moron for breaking up with you in that way, sorry OP.

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love the full metal jacket seargent gunnery hartman pic lol

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Full Metal Jacket was a badass move.

anti_average 5

Tornadoes are ridiculously sexy! They pick multiple partners up wherever they go! ^_^

umm... why would guys ask out a girl they know is in a relationship? i mean like, random guys flirting i can understand.... but after a while when guys flirt with me i just say "sorry, i have a boyfriend." and they'll either stop flirting with me or continue flirting... but wouldn't go so far as to ask me out.

would you rather have people be utterly creeped out and disgusted by your significant other, or be attracted to their good looks and charm? stfu and choose. I'm not upset when women look at my husband in THAT way. he's good looking and he's got great personality. if anything, it's flattering to me, because he's faithful and mine!

I get hit on a lot and I always have my wedding ring on. My husband didn't care when we were dating and he doesn't care now that we're married. He trusts me and is secure in himself. I don't flirt but I get on well with male friends because we have so many common interests.

H8SnkrDoodls 2

ew ur ugly snickerdoodles. lol.

From what I can tell, Luce is not ugly, but I have to admit I find it a little difficult to believe "TONS" of guys hit on her. Exaggeration, maybe? Maybe just wrong wording. I know an absolutely GORGEOUS woman who gets hit on often, but "tons" is even strong for HER. BTW, snickerdoodles is a ****** idiot.

Also, if you looked like, say, strandedinalimo, I'd probably believe you. LOL

snikerdoodles ines't ugly, but I wouldent date her caz her personality is a bit out of wak

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luce is hot, and midgetmonster is hot 2 =D

boojie97 12

"its tough on any guy with a super attractive girlfriend" oh yes, u sound like quite the modest one...

dude that's wierd they look like 11 year olds

haha I remember the days when everyone used to be gunning for snickerdoodles haha.

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i hate to say it but it sounds like he cheated on you and is trying to cover it up with this excuse. you deserve someone better darlin'

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thats why mine proposed to me and called them all sukkkuusss!! lol

Really? This many people are conceited? Some guys like having a pretty girlfriend to make other guys jealous, and if they trust you enough, it would never be an issue. That being said, I really hope some of you ladies aren't as vapid as you sound. "I'm so pretty. It's hard for my boyfriend to be with me." I feel bad. Really. I do.

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this ^^ I'm glad somebody else finds complete vanity extremely unattractive, too

I agree. Confidence is one thing and can be attractive, but vanity is a whole 'nother thing.

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how is she being conceited?!!! did you not see the quotation marks? obviously, those were NOT her own words! it's what her boyfriend at the time, said. read it right, get it right.

blaaaaakely 0

we were referring to the commentors, not the OP.

Yeah, I agree. It actually makes people less attractive when they go on and on about how beautiful they are. You can be confident, but to say "TONS of guys want me omggg" is annoying. Everyone is flirted with. It depends on how you respond. I am completely dismissive sometimes, or I mention my boyfriend because that's what makes him comfortable. My boyfriend is flirted with too, and it bothers me some, but I know he'd rather be with me than anyone else in the world. I guess the OP's ex bf lacked the needed trust. It's tough when most people don't respect if you're in a relationship or not.

I think conceit is ugly. I commented that I frequently get hit on but I think it says more about the other people than it does about me. I don't think I am beautiful but of course my husband does.

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I find it HILARIOUS that the girls on here are trying to reason that the boy may simply be insecure, and then they cite personal experience to bolster their arguments. Then, these morons (like 94) get mad and say something to the affect of, "Well, you shouldn't go around saying that you are beautiful all the time." Note the important words: ALL THE TIME. As in, it's O.K. to do it sometimes (for example: to make a POINT in a related discussion) but not to do it all the time. This would be fine to say, if he weren't referring to people who did exactly NOT the thing he's complaining that these selfsame people did. It's as if somewhere in the back of his mind, he subconsciously knew his argument was balderdash, so he slightly altered the wording so that it really did not apply to the very people he is clearly castigating.

total cover up no guy would break up with a girl cause She is too beautiful,any guy I know loves having a hot girfriend. hate to say it but he went dinky dunkin!

yeah, best excuse for dumping someone ever... & you believed him...maybe he dumped you for being incredibly stupid!

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it may be a cover up but some guys would break up with a girl if she was too attractive if they are very insecure. but she really deserved it since they've been together 3 years and he's probably shown insecurity way before this

Ilix 1

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife...

so from my personal point of view, pick an ugly girl to marry you