By bees - 09/10/2014 06:51 - United States - Lancaster

Today, I was mowing my grandma's lawn when I was suddenly swarmed by bees. When my grandma saw me covered in stings later on, she said, "Oh yeah, there are tons of bees in the grass! Be careful!" FML
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Just a little late to warn you

Good thing you're not allergic


Just a little late to warn you

at least he got warned!.. XD lol

Yeah but what's the point after the damage has already been done ?

Good thing you're not allergic

Um, you don't know that!

If he was it would be a very different fml. "Today I nearly died because my grandma forgot to mention the bees before I mowed her lawn. FML"

JMichael 25

Too fricking late grandma...

littleteapot 21

Better late than never! .... or does that not work here?

badluckalex 23


It doesn't #33

Hindsight is 20/20, OP.

Geez that sounds painful, hope you are alright.

She should've told you to bee careful earlier. Sorry OP!

Haha just bee yourself op and bee very careful! Your grandma is awesome but I'm sorry you got stung.

Yeah, especially if OP was stung on their boo-bees. :O

Enslaved, you win this thread . Well played .

Boo-bees are the best kind of bees.

To the one person who voted YDI on this FML so far... Fuck you.

People vote "YDI" without even looking at the FML, like they'll just go down the page and keep clicking "YDI"

llamarrama01 21

You must bee pretty pissed.

maybe she forgot