Mean Girls

By 1nfected - 26/08/2009 17:07 - Canada

Today, when I arrived at work, I was greeted by my gorgeous coworker telling me my red shirt looked awesome on me. Before I could compliment her, she added that the color was fitting perfectly with my acne. I heard a couple of giggles around me. FML
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What a bitch. You should have said you picked it out with her genital warts in mind.


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I always have to click the comments that get buried to find out why. I must remember that it's usually trolls that get buried for making stupid comments like YDI for having acne. Yeah because in the whole scheme of things, acne is one of those problems that you can magically take care of. If you believe that why is the musician named Seal sporting some bad acne scars?

#1 she is a dumb pathetic bitch for being the type of person to insult someone for nothing. #2 cant she think of a more clever insult, only brain dead people pick on looks. #3 your acne will go away at so me time but her stupidity is terminal. #4 you are probably a way cooler person, things like acne make you empathise with people who are not perfect, making you a nicer and more rounded person since you know what its like to go thru that. 5# she will proabaly marry for looks/status to some jerk who will cheat on her and treat her bad. 6# best of all, one day she will be ugly. aging is a bitch! 7# you will see her fuglyness and laugh your ass off, and be glad you are not like her!

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amen reverend. couldnt have said it better. bravo

Wow , you put it so perfectly. I seriously can't understand how people can be so mean for something that is out of someones control. People have acne, so what? Often in runs in the family and there is nothing you can do about it, it's in your genes.

if she is so mean, she does not fit in the category of gorgeous. Beauty is only skin deep.

I'm guessing they're teens. We teens are so based on appearance it's stupid.

doubleAbattery 0

What a bitch. You should have said you picked it out with her genital warts in mind.

Total win. But yeah. FHL for being such a nasty bitch.

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hella good now I wanna go get some acne and find a hot ass mean bitch just so I can say that

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Wow, what a bitch. You should of threw a stapler at her head. :]

[mumbling] no, I kept the the Swingline stapler, they switched to the Boston stapler but I kept the Swinglineand and I kept the staples for the Swingline stapler and it's not okay because if they take my stapler then I'll set the building on fire...

ahhh office space lol hahaha thats awesome

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YDI for wearing red as it reminded her of her period, thus she was a bitch