By fucked up dad - 11/07/2013 19:50 - Romania - Bucharest

Today, after I got turned down for yet another job, my dad glanced up at me and casually remarked that porn is always a stable market. FML
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friedpwnadge 25

Your dad is a ******* freak. Who wants that for their daughter?

Let's just hope he didn't mention that so he could watch videos of you.


friedpwnadge 25

Your dad is a ******* freak. Who wants that for their daughter?

Hopefully he doesn't and it just being a troll dad. Still, an uncomfortable remark for anyone, to say the least.

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Considering how liberal the world seems to have become, some parents actually have condoned it as an "art" form. I know a girl whose dad pays for her nude-modeling ventures... and he's proud! :( I guess some parents are okay with their daughters doing it. Sad world.

I think that calling someone a "******* freak" over a joking remark from a father to his daughter seems a bit extreme. I thought it was funny.

friedpwnadge 25

No where in the post did OP say dad was joking. Simmer down, baraskit.

Nowhere in the FML did it say it was NOT a joke. Let's take all possibilities into account here...

omgitsmoe 26

Did you choose your **** star nickname?

obiously someone want to make it with his daughter

AboveAll04 14

1, a dad that wants his daughter out of the house by any means possible

Even if it was a joke it's still ******* creepy.

Finally an FML from Romania....a very creepy FML :(

xcam1995 6

A concerened father, who is also a pimp.

"vai de mine" is all I can say

I don't think he's a freak. There's nothing wrong with ****. Also, if you would hate your daughter doing it, then you shouldn't be watching it. That's hypocritical.

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Oh and if anyone would like the instagram of the aforementioned girl, feel free to PM

I'm curious to why you have it, and why you're giving it out. :/

I think it's quite normal in Romania

wingedangel123 8

Actually, I don't really think he said it in a joking manner, considering this was posted on FML and considering OP's name...

Stop giving life lessons... First, nudes aren't ****, and second, if you think nudes are not an art form, you really should try to open up and visit a museum would it only be to see Ancient Greece arts, or even the ultra famous Venus. Nudes aren't new, bigotry is.

@164 What are you going on about now? Bigotry isn't new either... Also, we don't look at sculpted nudes today in the same same light as trashy internet ****, so why are you using that as a comparison point to how ancient people regarded them?

Megan639 16

#31 Nude modeling is an art form and has always been considered as such. Seriously, pull the stick out of your ass.

ThatFancyPenn 18

At least he wouldn't be disappointed if you did find yourself in that career...

Are you familiar with the term 'joke'?

skyenoelle 15

Sounds like he watches it himself; and what an awkward and disgusting situation that would be!

So this means he wants to watch his daughter in a porno?

You don't need a semicolon with an "and" ^__^. Perhaps he's just well-versed on a multitude of markets? Let's hope...

\ 28

Perhaps he's curious to see how his daughter fares on the big screen. Or maybe the miniature LED screen beneath the covers.

A large amount of men watch ****. You know, masturbation.

2- what person doesn't watch and don't lie people!

a fair amount of people do not watch ****, for instance, those who have active satisfying sex lives. :-) they exist. promise.

you can have an active satisfying sex life and still watch **** you know. Like how people who have active satisfying food lives still watch cooking shows.

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...and a very dishonorable and risky job at that.

A job is a job right now honestly. Something tells me if you had choice between starving or doing **** most people would choose ****.

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At that point, it's understandable.

Isn't that what Octomom did?

xcam1995 6

Yo. Too long man. Who comes to FML to read the 7 theses on good parenting?

LuckBeNimble 19

61: No. without those rose-colored glasses you seem to be wearing, life is not that simple for a lot of people in the US, let alone Romania! not everyone has a support system they can rely on in times of need, and there are NOT jobs available to all (are you aware of the unemployment rate?), and certainly not everybody can find ways to go back to school (vocational or otherwise). it was either a creepy joke or concerning comment. the adult industry, however, IS a legitimate business though (social stigma notwithstanding).

the adult industry is very reliable and one of the few industries that are not as impacted by the economy. there are worse things. did he mention prostuition? exactly, it could be worse. My father used to threaten that one day, if I didnt get adaquate grades, I would work on the corner.

Excuse me, I have done some and I am in college, and I'm not looking for another job to get my own place. I have also got out of school with exceptionally high grades. And you know what? A lot of **** stars use it to get through college on their law-courses etc. Your stereotyping is disgusting me.

Which movies did you star in?

That is not information I wish to divulge. I rarely partake now, only on a blog my partner and I run.

Whats ur name

Thats a joke

Let's just hope he didn't mention that so he could watch videos of you.

Disgusting would not begin to describe that

Keep trying, OP! I'm sure you'll find a job soon. :) Don't give up hope!

bingbongbingbong 11

She could become a Fluffer

Zimmington 21

Or a stripper! It's a job and a workout.

AboveAll04 14

that's probably the face that homer has when he's getting a lap dance from a stripper lol

TheElBurrrito 21

I think **** is a workout. Haven't you seen how most guys on there are pure muscle? Most girls in the videos are pretty fit as well, unless you're into certain fetishes.

he want to do it with you .. shame on him ..

Pwn17 25

Ok, it may be ****** up to suggest ****, but I seriously doubt he wants to **** her.

what's is makes you doubt .. it's so obious bro .. a father never says things like that for no reason .. besides that kind of sex is so popular now days

Zimmington 21

It is Romania you never know

I've noticed a trend with guys who write in broken English. They're almost always the ones who want to share their sick thoughts with the world. I don't understand the correlation, but I will say that #7 would be better off keeping his incest fantasies to himself.

why so offensive ? .. people outside english countries can't have an opinion ? this so racist

Pwn17 25

Dude, shut up. You've said more than enough.

football98_fml 20

your dad said that? what kind of father is he??? smh

Pwn17 25

Parents these days...

He's a Romanian one ;)

Wow your dad sorry I half to say this but is disgusting to want his child to do ****

Seriously? I won't even correct you this is sad.

my seven year old knows the difference between 'half' and 'have'

Hey now being a **** star isn't a terrible profession, it's just the fact that your dad was the one to suggest it.

How many kids do you hear saying 'when I grow up I wanna be a **** star'. It's a terrible profession. It's degrading to yourself your family and a billion other things. Basically these people have no morals.

TheDrifter 23

For all that people say that being a **** star is degrading and wrong, there sure are a lot of amateur sex videos going around the internet.

45, being a pornstar over 18 is legal and can be a good source of money. They may be looked down on by some but I'd say its better than being a drug dealer or something along those lines.

If you enjoy having sex, and you would like to make money through it, I don't see the problem with being a **** star. It's kid of like pro athletes. You like sports, you wanna make money for it?

55 I would hardly say that people in amateur videos are **** stars. A lot of the time those are videos for personal enjoyment. And I disagree with you 58, **** isn't the only thing with a lot of money. Maybe OP should consider more qualifications.

Queensland, thank you so much for your valuable contribution to this discussion. You brought up some really great points, and I'm so glad someone has finally posted something that will surely be so eye-opening for other readers. I suppose I should first of say how proud I am that you got out of the **** industry. I mean, I know you didn't mention how long you were in it or anything, but to have made such insightful observations, I can only assume that you were forced or tricked into spending years in that disgusting, morality-deprived cesspool. It must have been terrible for you, but at least you are able to share this invaluable inside information with others before they make the same mistakes. It's refreshing to hear about the lack of morals. Usually all I'm hearing is about all the philanthropy coming out of ****, all the fundraisers the stars are hosting, and their benefit orgies. I don't know how your astute mind saw through the facade! Also, you're are SO right about the degradation aspect. I mean, so many people seem to think, "Oh, they're consenting adults who need to support themselves! They can make their own decisions about their bodies, their work, and their lives!" No one ever thinks about the families. It is so selfish of those **** stars to do anything with their own lives that might make other people uncomfortable... And that "billion other things." They are always overlooked. Again, very proud of your decision, and I'm so relieved that we have someone as shrewd as you to share your experiences with the rest of us!

Wow, another great post. SPOT ON. You're so right, #58 totally said that if you want money, **** is the only option. I read it. Right there. You're so good at this.

45- You really shouldn't judge someone's morals based off of your own sense of decency. You don't have to have the same career preferences, but someone who enjoys their job, makes a lot of money doing so, and isn't hurting anyone isn't immoral. How you choose to "share" your body is your business. How another woman celebrates their sexuality and freedom to choose their own lovers is their business. Live and let live, don't foist your own principles on other people.

76- I agree. I don't know how one can judge for just doing pornography.

Okay. When you grow up and have kids, you'll be alright with them doing ****. Let me know how that goes for you.

Do you realize that not approving of your child in **** DOES NOT EQUAL stating that everyone who does **** has no morals, is a disgrace to him/herself, and a disgrace to the whole family?

thank you 96, queensland may not agree with people being in **** but by saying "basically these people have no morals" you're acting like they should be segregated or some shit like damn why do you hate pornstars so much.

AboveAll04 14

if my daughter was in **** I'd b happy cause I made a beautiful baby ! good genes :)

89 - If they want to, sure. It's their life.

Queensland you're a good woman, pay no attention to these ****-lovin trolls, they're probably just too busy whacking one out with their left hand to type properly with their right *fap fap fap*

... why am I never invit ed to the benifit orgies.

I didn't realize that you had such an amazing profession to judge pornstars. Go back to McDonald's.

narph 3

Look up the definition of immoral .. . Then reevaluate ur statement