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By  Zimmington  |  21

Atleast your dad wasn't there telling you to be a pornstar

  CharresBarkrey  |  15

Oh, come on. I had never worked out in my life and even I could do the first month of Insanity with no problems. This sounds like a serious medical problem, the fitness test wasn't even that strenuous.

  TcheQ  |  12


At 90kg (200+pounds) and a shade under 5'10" I am way over my 'suggested' BMI, yet I do 3-4 hour long aerobic workouts a week. I have extremely low visceral fat and a waistline under the risk limit, and climbed Penang Hill last week without batting an eyelid. Took months to get to the stage where I could do that though, and I need to stretch the right areas or I'll cramp.... just like any exercise, you need to be smart about it.

By  cmayer  |  20

Keep at it. You'll be able to make it through one day if you don't give up. But you shouldn't push yourself past a certain point, you could seriously hurt yourself. You should be able to tell when you've reached that point.

  CrookedCook  |  14

#6 is right. I haven't used insanity myself, but if it's anything like p90x, you are encouraged to try your very best AT YOUR current level. Sure it can be tempting to keep up with the training instructor, but it's important to do what you can and keep record of it to improve upon it later. OP must've overexerted herself.