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  giowu  |  0

OP say, today my dad walked into my room, threw some magazines on my bed, calmly sayd u forgot ur porn magazines in the bathroom again, apparently, to me, it sounds like his dad is tryin to make it sound like its OP's magazines, when his wife find the porn magazines in the bathroom for the second time.... How do u guys kno that the magazines are OP's?

  Isoldael  |  27

110 - because OP would probably have mentioned it if they weren't his. "I don't even have a stack of porn magazines. FML" or "I looked at the magazines and found out it's gay porn. I'm not sure whose magazines they are, and I'm my parents' only child. FML"

  WaSiSimiLang  |  8

Godamnit are you all that blind and love to jump into conclusions? Op's father obviously was setting op up as op's mom was closing in on his porn stash! Its a set up! He has been framed I tells ya! FRAMED!

By  Savra_fml  |  17

So, your dad knows you are a wanker, and that you will take your magazines with you to the bathroom again, so just ask him nicely to leave them there. What's the problem? Being regular is healthy.