Sex work is work

By Anonymous - 02/01/2016 22:31 - United States

Today, I got a call from my dad asking if I was a porno actress. I am. FML
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Name? for research purposes...

Surely that's the kind of thing you should disclose to those close to you? To avoid situations such as this..


That must suck :)

Pun intended?

not as bad as that pun tho

Yes pun intended

My major is economics...I am doing a study on how **** affects the economy...;)

Steve97 32

Hey don't be rough on OP she's going through a hard time.

A lot of hard times


Name? for research purposes...

This man is a scientist who specializes with genetics. Research is important

Yes. I second this notion. Research is important for the brain.

I also would be interested in this "research"

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muis545 21

46 fair research should be done from multiple sources.

46 I'm a scientist and I waste my time on FML. Scientists need breaks too.

I must further my research...

RedPillSucks 31

@33, which head will this research be good for, again?

Yes I too need to research

@2 generic 9gag comment eh

Yes... Many many short 1.5 minute research sessions.

This research can save the world OP, help us.

So perfect that #81 is asking about "Research" with the avatar of the Pervy Sage

good to know there are so many up and coming "researchers" in the world

I'm not a scientist but I am kinda horny so I'd appreciate knowing your name.

nameisname 12

I could be your break... Please

Dankmemes100 3

I too am a scientist and need to know your name for research. remember you Will be helping the world of science!

I must verify this

Ero Sennin FTW

turdwrangler 18

Pictures or it didn't happen.

Research... And you have a pic of Jiraiya

Surely that's the kind of thing you should disclose to those close to you? To avoid situations such as this..

Yes, she's a porno actor you would think she wouldn't be ashamed about it.

Not everyone has the luxury of finding a job in a sfw industry and not everyone who goes into **** has the luxury of having a family who is accepting of their work.

#3: Not always. I was asked to do ****, but I declined. And even if I had gone for it, I would NOT have told my family. They would have flipped out, disowned me, and cursed me to Hell for it. It's a profession, but it's not one accepted by some people.

I understood it as she didn't tell them explicitly, rather he found out explicitly

Psyqiik 18

Why does everyone talk so weird on fml comments

It depends on her family. If I was in **** I'd be able to tell my family, half would be mad at me but able to deal with it, or at least I think that, the rest wouldn't care, other than if I enjoyed my work. Does the OP have a super Prudish or Religious family, and a family friend told her dad, or was he looking for **** when he made a discovery? Not that he couldn't still be a hypocrite in the latter, where it's okay for other girls to do it, so he can use it, but not his daughter.

RedPillSucks 31

@71, it seems very english to me. There's a special shame in wacking off to someone only to find out its your daughter.

"Dad, mom, I'm a pornstar" yeah, that'd go over well. People freak out over their "little girl" being a stripper, it's probably worse with ****. I don't agree with the fact it's like that, but I can't blame op for not wanting to tell their parents.


KingAdrock 16

Unless you do **** in some sort of disguise, there is no way you'll indefinitely hide a **** career from people you know. If it's on the internet, someone will *eventually* recognize you. So the choices are to either tell loved ones yourself, or let them find out on their own.

I hope he didn't wank to you OP! Btw what's ur name "I'm curious"

cheshireau 26

I tell you what, I wasn't expecting the OP to say I am.

deleteme 22

Hi Curious, I'm Mathilde. Lel

With as much **** there is available , they're all someone's daughter.

Working their way through college. ;-)

I've always wondered how many times this has happened with dad's finding their daughters online.

someone has to do it, but we all hope it's bow "our" kid

You're not wrong everyone has parents even if you don't know them you have them

And I feel bad for their parents if they know about it

the amount of **** in existence being high is not what makes them someone's daughter... there's no correlation.

Or son.

Let's hope he didn't take it too hard


It sounds more like she took it hard

I don't know #68. Little too weird when both dad and daughter takes it hard.

Good luck trying to swallow the fact that your dad might have jerked off to you

I think her Dad would instantly recognise his daughter's face in a **** video...which might be why he called her..

JackDupp 11

Maybe she was, as they say, face down ass up.

Well, he called her to ask about it. Maybe he thought "no, this couldn't be my baby girl getting plowed by three well-equipped bald men, might as well carry on" and only post-fap stayed doubting himself.

What if he didn't see her face?

bnbhimp 10

Might have had someone else bring it to his attention.

If that is what you chose to do then that is what you have chosen. What's the problem in others knowing? Just tell him not to tell anyone else :P

The problem is he probably called her as he saw her in a porno he was watching

Yes, daddy!

Well, that blew the rest of his day.