Old school cool

By Chimychunga - 01/08/2010 06:47 - United States

Today, while helping my dad look for his watch, I found his porn collection. FML
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"Uhmm that's not mine that's your mothers"

fyl. not so bad if you were a dude... :/


fyl. not so bad if you were a dude... :/

were you in it?

lol. it wouldnt be bad unless if he caught u findn it.. if he did then... fyl awkward moment!

its funny because your dad is a horny bastard that doesnt know about internet porn

ewwwww soo gross! haha but I guess even older ppl need sum lovin too? fml for sure

SovietRussiaUSSR 1

Jackpot comrade!!!!

peter_saurusREX 0

This is the part where u get it and sell it to guys

flapjacklux 8

niccccceee haha ask if you can borrow them. like father like son ;)

azhein 0

only she is a girl

it's funny because your dad jacks off to porn

Lego is back!!!!:D

Legonut! People are trying to steal your job! it's funny because they can't pull it off like you can

allen20 0

hustler, playboy, wat else?

Themistocles_fml 0

Sweet. Does he have kinky shiet?

I'm hearing back to back ;)

JACKPOT!!!!!! now you know where it is you can go back and look at them make sure u take tissue and lotion

_princess61522_ 0

28- ummm the OP is a girl, why would she want to see that stuff?

X18GirlX 0

poor baby

twinny_sc 13

40, you would be surprised at the amount of women who watch and enjoy porn.

A porn collection? Thats totally old school. Its all about the NET. Now the only thing that we men have to hide is our life sized barbies and personal pleasure pumps.

Cooluu 5

are you fistfucking my dickhole?

now u guys have a new father son activity by which u guys can spend fatherly and son time together :D

you look funny as hell

tweetbaby14 18

people you realize OP is a girl right? therefore it's not a father son thing more like father daughter. it's not that hard to look up at the sex symbol at the top.

well did you take it?!

swifft_fml 0

45 = fake abs:P

XinvizableninjaX 0

yup i would be like "score!!!".

Well if he ever annoys you just replace the lovely ladies in his magazines with sumo wrestlers

I want to tap u

llamingo 8

OP is female

Holy awkward batman!

"Uhmm that's not mine that's your mothers"

socalduude879 1

lol denial :D

But your mother divorced your dad ten years ago.

xGet_Over_It 0

so what? make it worth while and watch 'em!

well let's hope it's not of ur mother

it's called a computer!! dumb shit, then when your done your "happy time" you delete the history

YDI for having a dad. HDI for having a watch.

zach55 0

so your saying you don't have a dad, and never owned a watch?

Maybe he only has a desktop. a little dangerous to have happy time in a public room of the house. worse than finding his stash... catching him in action