By meowitzer

All over the place

Today, a close, funny friend who has quite the attitude, received a long email from a long-time friend of hers, telling her how difficult she is. When I told her it doesn’t matter, that she is still wonderful, she went off on how bad a friend I am for saying that, and then deleted me off WhatsApp. FML
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By  lifeis4me  |  20

Well, if you just admitted she has an attitude problem and someone who also knows her well said the same thing, why would you lie? I think this would be the time to try to be honest and tell her she needs to mature a bit, even if she doesn’t want to listen initially.

By  Briarpatch  |  20

What were you supposed to say? Instead of standing up for her, were you supposed to let loose a stream of insults against the friend who wrote the offending message? Good riddance.