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  arandomusernameaa  |  20

Cus he isn't fat like you ;) on more serious point it depends on many factors, how big they are, there metabolism etc...


ehh tough call 68 in all honesty Australian beer is pretty bland suprising cause we are number 4 in the world for alcohol consumption... if that's a good thing. American beer in particular their craft beer and less well known brands are some of the more interesting brews to be... brewed in the past decade. As a general rule all major brands tend to bad but at least the american major brands have some variety... honestly VB's Carlton Draught Crownies XXXX tooheys etc. All taste pretty much the same.

  frizz101  |  22

Who said he was drunk? All it said was after his sixth beer, he might not even be buzzed, but can blame what he said on the alcohol, then again it could be very strong beer.

By  184886837272837  |  32

"It's not me dad... it's the neighbor"

  brackaman  |  18

I'm really sure nobody else understood 2's comment either. I thought it was a funny comeback worthy of being told you're the reason your mom's vagina isn't right anymore'

  jannatanelle  |  5

Americans use that expression as well but if your going to do that you'd have to add an equal opposite maybe "not that funny but your life still sucks" and now there are too many options for all the indecisive.

  glabberfasted  |  16

I don't understand these people who say these FMLs are soo funny. I've never even let out the slightest laugh at any of them. They're entertaining, but I've yet to come across one that's "laugh out loud" worthy.

  Izabushel  |  65

If you are saying "episiotomy" as one word which can cause a lot of problems then you are correct. Routine episiotomies used to be performed because it was thought that it prevented damage to the pelvic floor. It's been shown that damage to the pelvic floor occurs during the later stages of pregnancy. There are times when an episiotomy is required, but it does nothing to preserve the integrity of the vagina, quite the opposite.

  annie_nk  |  22

30 is right. I had an episiotomy with my first baby. Even with that, she ended up getting stuck (required forceps to get her out) and I got third degree tearing. She destroyed my vagina to the point where if I tear that badly again, I'd end up with life long complications like being anally incontinent. I didn't wanna take that risk so I had a c-section with my second child. I plan on having a third years from now and that risk will still be there. But that's only for childbirth. Sex, however, isn't affected. My vaginal birth child is two now and I'm right back to normal.