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Today, I came home to my wife packing a bag. We had been fighting recently and I understood why she was leaving, but then I noticed she wasn't packing her stuff. She explained that I was the one who was leaving, she was just packing my bag. FML
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Who's house is it? If it's your name on the mortgage, there's no way she can do that.

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Nice assumption #7. Or, MAYBE, they were simply stating a fact, that if OP's name happens to be on it then he can't be kicked out? But that would make too much sense, now wouldn't it.


We want to know more about this story !

indeed we do! like who pays for the apartement or the house?

Who's house is it? If it's your name on the mortgage, there's no way she can do that.

ExtremeEncounter 32

Nice assumption #7. Or, MAYBE, they were simply stating a fact, that if OP's name happens to be on it then he can't be kicked out? But that would make too much sense, now wouldn't it.

It's also common for both people's names to be on the mortgage. If that's the case they have equal rights to the house until a lawyer gets involved.

it disgusts me how most guys go to work every day to pay the bills and then the woman kick them out. like ok damn, I won't pay any of the bills then

@#7 No, he's asking a ******* question

@29 I don't know where you're from but in this day and age typically both sexes work and pay the bills.

Nope definitely not 13 it has to be sexist

Yo wheelz. You're an ass. working couples divorce. stay at home moms divorce. every kind of person can get divorced. you are an ass.

Hey everyone! I found the feminist!......*points at #7*

#7 It's sad that this got downvoted so hard that I am not able to downvote it anymore

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#7 clearly doesn't understand what the word "if" means. Let's give them a round of applause.

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It's his wife. It's both their house. That's how marriage works.

Well, whoever's name is on the mortgage, that's their house. In marriage, not everything is both of theirs

#29 There's actually more women in the workforce than men...

#7 that stereotype died over a hundred years ago

he's not, he's stating a fact. and we shouldn't give a shit if we offend people. PC is ruining our nation

She wants to be away from you but she wants you to be the one who leaves… what the hell?

From my point of view no one is suppose to treat no one with disrespect hard times in life taught me when two people once stayed in the relationship things were fine and now when things get bitter there is no need to create drama sort out things maturely and move on rather then hurting eachother with pain and suffering I thing what happen to you,you don't deserve to be treated that way or you shouldn't do that to someone that way either

*Resists the temptation to correct grammar and spelling.*

I'm with you #25, it's so hard though. It's like trying to hold back a sneeze!

English mother ****** do you speak it!-pulp fiction

#6 - I think I agree with what you are saying.

maybe he does speak it. he wrote this time. btw, you forgot your comma.

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Please, for the love of all things in existence, do not correct someone's grammar when you can't even type a grammatically correct sentence yourself.

Take all the tissues with you

Pretty sure you're allowed to stay in your own home. Talk to her, if she's the one who is uncomfortable, she can leave to cool off. She definitely needs to cool off. But if this is how it's starting, begin documenting NOW what is happening. Even marriages that have lasted decades can take a sour turn. Past stories have had the woman taking everything, and even defaming the husband. (False Accusations of Cheating, Abuse and Rape). Yep, it happens. Keep a record of events. Just in case. Good luck. You may want to seek a counselor .

OP hasn't really given us any information for us to assume anything. We don't know what they were arguing about, and we also do not know exactly who's name the house is under.

We don't know what they were arguing about, but the fact she was packing his bags is still reason to get some help for the both of them. Stuff like that can happen after the most stupid of arguments, coming out of nowhere.

This is the path that has been chosen for you. You have learned many things but now it's time to move on and grow and find your true purpose (: good luck friend! Or maybe you should seek counseling as marriage is suppose to be til death too bad people don't honor that anymore but that is this wicked system of things. I will pray for you!

Look...I get that some people like to fall on their religion when something bad happens, but speaking from experience, most people DON'T want to be told stuff like this. We aren't set on these bad paths. Stuff like this sucks, but it's not pre-ordained, and it can be fixed. I'm sorry, but comments like these just come off as extremely pompous and cold.

It's like telling starving kids in Africa that faith will fill their stomachs. Nothing wrong with believing, but religion doesn't fix everything and telling people to have faith is just condescending.

12, your comment is a pan filled with recently discarded colons.

If you guys are working on it, and it's just for a night, sure. But if it's more than that, I wouldn't go. Definitely need to know more, your wording saying that you "understood why she was leaving" makes me think that you did something, which would then make it more acceptable if the OP is the one to leave.

Obviously this had to get approved so it's too late. But if you pay the rent/mortgage/own. Call the police first and as fast as possible as soon as she breaks a law, like throwing your stuff in the street(lawn doesn't count) breaks anything you defiantly own.

Even if you weren't married, if you had lived with her for 6 months in canada you'd be entitled to half the place (and technically all her possessions) through common law. She can't legally kick you out, especially if you're married. And unless they changed the law pretty recently, even if it's only a single name on the mortgage you would legally still not be allowed to be kicked out (or rather, you could take her to court for it and most likely win)