What a wonderful life

By Anonymous - 26/10/2010 02:43 - United States

Today, I felt really depressed so I decided to go to McDonald's, get a sundae and cheer myself up. I got pulled over by the cops on the way, and was given a ticket for an expired registration. McDonald's was closed. FML
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schwancy 2

There are other places that serve sundaes.

don't eat your feelings! you'll get fat and end up even more depressed


YDI in my opinion. Registration saves lives.

hannahluvsyou 0

mcdonalds is disgustingly unhealthy anyway, the store closing saved you increasing your risk of a million health-related diseases like obesity, diabetes and ice-cream addiction

PlastikSeraph 2

... Registrations save lives? How do you figure?

27- try having a sense of humor... it's quite nice. OP- try Wendys! Frosty time!

McDonalds closed? impossible!!! now where will I satisfy my craving for a heart attack on a bun?

YDI. Registration is not expensive. Quit being such a slacker. And don't eat your feelings unless you crave pickles or something lol. I'm thinking it would be fairly hard to get fat on pickles...

So OP is a comfort eater, now he's fat from eating so much which makes him sad so he eats more.....welcome to why 2/3 of the United States is a bunch of lazy fat-asses.

gregar00 1

mcdonalds is always open 24hrs

#27 It keeps you out of Jail, that's for sure. Learn to follow the rules or suffer.

rawr_dani 0

omg there hot fudge sundaes are the best :D

FFML_314 11

Haha! OK, that was funny, Pen. It does work, but I've had many conversations with him about his lack of capitalization and he has proven himself time and time again, so he is the only person allowed to slide.

ffml- why is that fair? by the way, well played, pen and chaos. we will call it a draw. Damn, it's actually harder NOT to capitalize on the iPhone. Screw that.

there's a difference between they're, their, and there. learn it.

Wait, you weren't serious? Oh...my...god...my world is crumbling.

FFML_314 11

You would have to know OC to understand why it's fair, LOL. He is the only one that gets away with it. Don't worry though, the conditions were simple. He doesn't have to capitalize his sentences and in return I beat him.

FFML_314 11

I don't think Doc is happy. Wait, he's a doctor! He can stitch him up after I'm done and maybe give OC a shoulder to cry on. He cries when I hit him just right. God I love those moments!

Oh em gee. pen and KSL are writing like that...I believe that's the 3rd sign of the apocalypse. No, the 4th. Yippee, the world is ending! No more taxes! Just the eternal flame...of hell...oh, damn.

Sorry, Kay. Nomers are important to me (if "misnomer" is a word, than "nomer" should be too, dammit), so I will try to get it right from now on. I'm glad the world isn't ending, though it was a bit of a relief.

Kay, I had no idea you had the power to end it all. I...am...so scared...right now...

hannahluvsyou 0

that was uncalled for, ....say sorry!!

Anaxes 5
Anaxes 5

It is that bad Chaos, he should apologise.

It's too late to apologise. It's too laaaaate.

schwancy 2

There are other places that serve sundaes.

FYLDeep 25

Did you go at like 3:00 am? Why would they be closed?

littlemissdqgirl 8

In my old home town they closed at 10pm in the winter. That sucks op. Sometimes your better off not leaving home.

sallen0046 4

They've just recently extended the hours at mine until midnight. Previously it was 10pm on weekdays, earlier on Sunday.

KunKaLunKa 1
scottovious 0

wait... Mcdonalds is closed? maybe you'll lose wait then

don't eat your feelings! you'll get fat and end up even more depressed

kenjiisown 1

How can you drive with expired tags? YDI. They are there for a ******* reason.

sallen0046 4

They're stickers on a license plate. They serve no functional purpose in physical operation of the vehicle. They're there to prove your vehicle is registered under your name in your county/city. It's not like the guy was driving an un-inspected, unsafe vehicle.

knibbsy 4

Swell. Driving a queued sub isn't the right time to go all rockets and aces.

rebecca1992 0

The stickers aren't always on the plates. They are usually on the window, mostly only motorcycles and trailers have the sticker on the license plate. Just to let you know.

111: I've never seen a tag on the windshield of a car.

People who eat their feelings are STUPID & DISGUSTING!!

sallen0046 4

Technically, hungry is a feeling caused by a physical state. You never eat because you feel hungry? Don't be so judgmental. He wanted a tiny sundae, not three combo meals.

your a dick. he clearly said he wanted a sundae cos he was depressed not because he was hungry..therefore it's referred to as 'comfort food' and that's why I said eating his feelings ps it wasn't a "tiny sundae" don't try to justify it ..

haha that's what I meant too! thanks spoilt:) and sallen, shutup

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beauty_life_love 7

By the looks of your profile picture, you never even eat..

boycrazy30007 12

Coming from the anorexic little idiot on your profile picture? Leave people Alone. I can't stand people who are stuck up about their bodies!

Ha, who lied to you when they said you were a princess? princessess arent judgemental bitches.

Sorry honey but have you seen your profile? Eat something jesus. Don't call other people disgusting when you look like that