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By jonasister - 15/04/2012 18:43 - Sweden - Lund

Today, another of my dad's blind dates went bad, so I took him out for a beer. I went to the bathroom to freshen up, and when I came back, two guys were congratulating my dad on scoring such a hot piece of ass, and said the sex must be awesome. My dad played along with it. FML
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That'll make for an awkward ride home.

perdix 29

Maybe after a few more beers, the joke would be on you. Or in you.


jadieegurl17 0

That's epic

Sure... I don't think that's a normal thing, but whatever floats your boat.

EmilieAutumn 7

Yeah. Incest sure is great -.-

Either a sad attempt for top comment, or you're just a complete idiot.

2- No, that's sad.

That is not epic. It's traumatizing.

That'll make for an awkward ride home.

melrose90210 10

Right?! I'd feel pretty freaking creeped out

supermattyboy 0

munch munch munch ( . - .)

nofearjenshere 12

^ Dufuq?

AFloppyWetWhale 6

Supermattyboy, lmao what are you talking about?

Neh, not awkward. "So, Dad... What were you talking about with your friends?" "Oh, you know... Sith Lords..."

No shit eh?!!!

Well, take it as a complement... and an indicator as to how desperate your dad is, failed blind dates aside. :P

insertnameherr 11

he was probably rly upset about his failing relationships and wanted the guys to think he was "scoring that hot price of ass" for his own self esteem. OP, take it as a compliment :)

You're* Sorry, brah.

KiddNYC1O 20

Lease your hot piece of ass? Lol...

That would be called human sex-traffic; which is illegal.

could be for tattooed advertisements.

Epic picture Sry it's not related

.. That's gross, I'd be extremely mad at my dad if he ever did that.. D:

Me too, but part of that has to do with my being a male.

I would be happy that I'm hot, mad at him for playing along and curious as to what he would say next.

lolnatalyloves 9

That's disturbing...

perdix 29

Maybe after a few more beers, the joke would be on you. Or in you.


joshhhh14 4

I want to thumbs up, but I can't. 69 likes.

@63 I'll just thumb you instead.

Don't let him drink too much. He may actually try to score with said hot piece of ass! And that would be nasty as hell!!

This is something my dad would do sober so OP should be lucky:p

1221jamw 11

60- what is wrong with your family..?

Michael_92 20

Your dad would do that sober!!! That's just damn scary.

Wow Kayla thank you for enlightening all us backwater ignorant folk


Incest isnt as bad as it sounds......... Jk that would be horrid!

I read your profile and I was wondering, how can you dabble in a religion or belief system? there's really no grey area in spirituality

rexgar2000 10

slightly disturbing from your dad, but hey at least you're hot and now if you played along that would be kinda gross.

At first I assumed you were a guy which made it even more awkward...

hahafylop 4

I also assumed that and it made me think,"Wait, what?"

Emani_Jones 0

I did too.!!!!!

I did too. Seems strange a daughter would comfort a dad. But he must not have a son.

Omg! So did I! Yay I'm not the only one xD

Yay! I'm not the only one who thought that! xD

stevenJB 25

Lol same here. XD

Haha I thought they were a guy too!