By nick - 06/03/2011 01:42 - United States

Today, my dad got drunk and asked if I had inherited his "abnormally tiny penis." FML
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shoulda said "no I got moms abnormally large one"

hahaha. say " no and thank god" ;)


hahaha. say " no and thank god" ;)

I hope not for your sake XD

this is an fml because he did

well maybe he didn't say anything back, maybe he was like "I had enough with his shit" and went to his room :P

it would of been funny if the father repli

it all depends if this guy said anything back. omg some drunk people are entertaining to watch lol

You mean if the kid repliED, 25, the father asked the question.

well.....did you

56 you look familiar were you the kid in the harry potter movie??

This is for 28 30 years ago I used to go to a local truck stop around midnight to drink coffee and debug source code. (loads of free coffee) I loved seeing all the drunks showing up at 2am.

haha 105. I love seeing my friends drunk. they are soo freaking funny. I love itt

i thought he was someone from my school :S

say u inherited his tiny penis

and his mum "abnormally huge breast"

And you replied, "unfortunately yes..."

^ now u can relate to him :3! (just playing not trollin don't worry :))

don't u mean unfortunately...... puts on cool glasses ...yes YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

wtf are u saying u freakin nim rod

Wow...that's a little odd. Did you?

...did he want to see?

the real question is, did he show him his for comparison?

why didn't you just show it to him? you could be a grown man but he's your father. nothing like a son/dad bonding by comparing penises :)

get some glow in the dark condoms and you get lightsabers


yeah that's what I was thinking

I certainly hope not. there's clearly not much to chip off

I posted this on 10's comment but it made it a seperate one... hmm...

hahahahahaha that's hilarious