By cricketsins - United States - Smyrna
Today, I was walking along the beach at night with my family. A huge wave came up and knocked me over. When we got to the van, I realized that the keys that had been in my pocket were now in the ocean. Our cell phones, shoes, and money were in the van. We had to walk three miles to our hotel. FML
cricketsins tells us more :
OP here! Just to clarify: Waves knock people off their feet easily. We weren't lazy, we just didn't want to walk barefoot through a place covered with broken beer bottles and vomit. We couldn't break the window because the van had an alarm system, plus it was a nice van and we didn't want to harm it - especially if we were perfectly capable of walking to the hotel and dealing with it the next day.
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  gzmn91  |  6

True. No one got hurt so you'll live, Op. Its one thing for people to screw you over by stealing, but in this case there was nothing you could do.

  buckerado  |  19

#10- What are you talking about? Of course there is something OP can do...All that OP has to do is to collect all of the water, call some aliens, and have them take all the earths water. (Trust me, I've seen enough movies to know that this will work.) Then OP can find the keys. (Of course I'm not being serious)

  gmian  |  33

I don't get it, OP. if you were walking on the beach, how could a wave come and knock you over? Waves that huge don't just spontaneously happen? I'm probably missing something really obvious haha

  hcollins1  |  18

99, if I were sitting on the beach, then yes. The moonlight on the ocean would be something to enjoy. But if I were to walk on the beach, I'd rather look where I'm going than stare at the ocean reflecting the moonlight.

By  ohhhsnapple  |  14

I don't know what I'd do in that situation...hopefully you were close enough to home that someone could bring you a spare key? Or maybe it was a rental car? Because it sounds like you're on vacation. Hope it worked out for you, OP!

  cricketsins  |  36

We were on vacation at Myrtle beach. We had no spare, it was our van, and since it was computerized and had an alarm, we couldn't even call a locksmith. The dealership had to come and completely replace the ignition and reprogram the alarm system... It was very expensive lol. I definitely didn't let it ruin my vacation.. But let's just say that once I realized what happened, I cried.