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Today, after two hours, I finally got my very cranky, sick baby to fall asleep. Five minutes later, a neighbor started shooting off fireworks. FML
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shove his fireworks up his ass and light it


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You finished just in time for the show! Get some baby ear plugs, do they have those? O crap my emoji is gone!

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join the club -.- literally in the process of trying to get her back to sleep...wait can't this douche bags wait til Sunday ??

oo for those ppl who say pics or it didn't happen..give me ur email..i'll send u a video of my schreeching baby

wow op, all I can say is that sucks now go shoot fireworks at ur neighbor and see how he feels

What do you expect? You live in new York

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Shoot them all in the face or take the hose & wet all their fireworks or do both.

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Seriously? You're a terrible parent. Just shake your baby!!

ya last night the fireworks woke me up

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That is what parenting is about. Im sure your baby would've been awake soon regardless of the fireworks since the baby is sick.

YDI for nottaking better care of your kid to make sure he or she doesn't get sick

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72 no matter how well anyone takes care of their kid, it's going to get sick. unless you keep them in a bubble. it's also actually good in a way for babies to get sick because it builds up their immune system.

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48 that's not funny your a sick sick individual

Yeah I can imagine how sacred the baby felt when the baby heard the laud noises.......awwwe :-( I would of been piseed I though Apple iPod Classic Dock to 3.5mm AUX Cable, iPod Classic Auxiliary Cable, iPod Classic Dock to AUX Cable, iPod Classic 3.5mm AUX Cable

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how does op deserve this? damn trolls...

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Oops! I didn't mean to shake the baby! I meant to say shake the baby gently!! Sorry for the confusion everybody.

They could be Canadian celebrating Canada Day

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Kill the baby. Sell its flesh as meat to the farmers and use said money for fireworks and see how they like it.

48-you ****** asshole thats ****** child abuse you ****** bastard

115 why the **** would you even shake a baby at all?!

i think 48 meant shake like caress and gently move him from side to side singing rockabye baby...

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everyone, when he says shake the baby Im pretty sure he means rock it in that way that kind of makes it move in sort of soft shaking motions. every parent does it but I'm not sure what the word for it is. kind of like how you "shake" your legs. only with your arms.. if that makes sense haha

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My 2 month old has seen/ heard fireworks and listens to Harleys everyday and she has yet to cry about it. op- Sorry you're having trouble, I know it's tough

Yes! I meant as in rocking the baby. I messed up, not enough sleep. :P

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If I were you, I'd go up to my neighbor and be all like, "Aey! Don't wake my kid up with your fireworks or I'll kick you square in the nuts!"

what u do is take a roman candle and aim it at their face... hmm but then ud have to crying babies

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72- have you had a baby? cuz no matter what you do babies get sick. o.p. I feel you on that, my neighbors started popping fireworks a month before new years and they did something to make them louder and then would see who can activate the most car alarms. so I threw dirty diapers at the bastards :)

Why? They're adorable(: & Aw poor baby.

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wow dude that's very stupid of you to say

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They are annoying. It doesn't matter if I used to be one, people can look at their past selves and be like "Wow I was an idiot back then."

Damn right 63, not everyone has to love babies, ahahaha.

Why? Because their parents complain about things like a couple of people test firing fireworks a few days before the 4th, and get indignant when they can't get any sleep because they made a choice to have a child?

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77 you make it sound like it's the fault of the parent for having the child. she takes care of her kid for 2 hours and did what she needed to do, the neighbors shouldn't have disturbed the neighborhood with their fireworks because that's why her baby isn't getting rest. yeah yeah it's a free country and people can blow their fireworks but in most places it's illegal to do fireworks unless it's the 4th. most people just don't realize that restriction.

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and she wasn't even complaining about herself getting sleep, she never said "I now can't sleep because my baby can't sleep" it was all about her baby being sick and cranky because it couldn't sleep.

78 - Um, it is the fault of the parent for having the child. Unless there was a mistake of some sort, and I only qualify it as a mistake if her birth control and his condom failed, she chose to have a child. Therefor it should not come as a shock that there will occasionally be noises that will wake your child up. Yeah, it sucks that it screams and cries, and that you can't sleep. But you decided to have a child. I don't really enjoy people setting fireworks off two days early, but let's be realistic, it's almost the 4th, this is not an everyday occurrence. Telling her to call the cops is a waste of their time and salary, because even if they did actually manage to prove that someone set the fireworks off, the cops generally turn a blind eye to fireworks being set off around the 4th of July, in the U.S., even in states where it is illegal to set them off under normal circumstances. And being mad at everyone and everything who wakes your baby up, just because they made any kind of noise, is absurd.

Oh, and before I get the usual bingo bs: "I'll understand when I have a child of my own." - Not planning on it, for this exact reason. "The world is better off without someone like me raising a child." I don't hate children, I just don't plan on having any of my own, because they are an inconvenience. There are already plenty of people raising children who shouldn't be, or don't think it's a great idea anymore, why add to the stack. And, no, I don't empathize with the things people go through as a parent, again, short of an accident. That was your choice.

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It did not come as a shock, I'm sure she expected it because it's probably not the first time something has woke up the baby. She's not going insane saying i hate this job, i cant sleep, or something like that about having her kid. She's simply complaining about it as everyone does about everyday things. For example, you choose to go out and meet people and there's going to be stupid people you don't like which is an aspect of meeting them, but that doesn't stop you from finding nice people you like, does it? You say you don't enjoy the fireworks being lit before the 4th which is pretty much what OP is saying except it's having a bit more effect on her. She's frustrated of coarse because the noise wasn't needed and now she has to put in more work for her baby but your making it sound as if having a kid is wrong if you don't like every single part of it. I'm not trying to say she should call the police, it's just that the people that lit the fireworks shouldn't have been doing that in the first place if thats a restriction in her area, and if it was it wouldnt be a waste of the police's time because their job is to enforce rules which is what they would be doing by confronting her neighbors.

No, I'm not saying having a kid is wrong if you don't enjoy every part of it, but I'm saying some things are to be expected. Like if I went to see Toy Story 3 and there were a bunch of children talking, and screaming. I wouldn't go home and say "Paid $10 to see Toy Story 3, children talked the entire time. FML" Because it's a children's movie. It targets children. So it would be irrational to complain about that because it's to be expected. Just as it's really not that shocking that a child would cry after being woken up by a loud noise. When you choose to have a child, you know that it's not going to sleep well for the first year or two, that noises will wake it. It's really not news. So if I say YDI on this one, it's because she was surprised that a firework went off around the 4th when they usually do and woke her child up. Just like it would be silly of me to complain about children talking in a movie targeting children. It would be different if there was one child screaming and throwing things. Just like her FML would be different if it happened in October instead of around the 4th.

thecoolestever1 your a very ingnorant persons...and you shouldn't be talking you look like a baby yourself

105 - Clearly. It must hurt to find out there are women out there who aren't interested in being in a relationship solely for the purpose of bearing your brain dead spawn.

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If the person says they hate taking care of their kid like changing diapers or feeding it or having to put it to sleep or something along those lines, i can agree that they deserve it for having the child but in OP's case she was just complaining about fireworks that were out of her control that gave her stress. In my case if fireworks went off before the 4th it's unexpected because my citys laws enforce that fireworks are only to be set off on the 4th and I haven't heard any yet so it's a possibility OP doesnt expect it like i don't expect it. But bottom line of my argument is that i dont think she's being ridiculous about her complaint because it's not like she's complaining about being a parent just that fireworks caught her off guard and kept her sick child awake. When you say she deserves it for being a parent it sounds to me like your trying to say dont have children if you have the ability to be frustrated, which im sure everyone has

Honestly, I'm more aggravated by the attitude that having children is so wonderful, everyone should want to do so. Anyone who doesn't like them, or want to have them is insipid. that attitude is ridiculously prevalent. I actually do get this woman's frustration, but I think that it's part of what comes with choosing to have a child. I also think it's a bit silly that the common suggestion is to fire fireworks back in her face, or call the cops on the neighbors shooting off fireworks around a holiday when it's common to do so, and probably a wast of the law enforcement's time. I don't think she deserves it in the sense that she as an individual, deserves to have someone else wake up her baby. But I do think she deserves it if by her FML she is implying that people outside of her home should somehow be aware that she had a baby, and stop making any sort of noise, regardless of the circumstances, because of that fact. Other people have to endure listening to fireworks go off early, it's something that happens. I think the problem I have with it, is even though these people setting off fireworks early is annoying. Or a guy across the street having a loud birthday party is an irritant. My first reaction wouldn't be revenge, or even what a jerk, as long as it wasn't an everyday occurrence. Everyone has likely inconvenienced someone else at some point in their life by having a celebration or being obnoxious in some way. I don't really feel the need to keelhaul someone for doing something minor and stupidly inconvenient, especially when it's unintentional. But I will say this amazing, I do have a lot of respect for you, because even though you disagree with me, and I still disagree with you, you haven't been rude about it.

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106- lmao you made my day lol you have an awesome point

So 106, I'm ignorant for not liking babies? I love how I get hated on for throwing out my opinion. I'm pretty sure quite a few people don't like babies. That doesn't make them ignorant, it's just kinda annoying to put up with them.

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I don't think she was implying that people should be aware of her sick baby and should stop their lives for her, but was saying that it was inconvenient and frustrating that right when her baby finally fell asleep, there was a disturbance that brought it back up. It's only human nature to immediately blame it on someone else if that was the case. But we'll never know what was really going through OP's head unless she comes and tries to reason with us about what she was thinking. I respect you also because unlike others I've tried to reason with and gotten ignorant or vulgar responses, you've given solid arguments for what you think. This fml, like all the others, just doesn't give enough explanation to really do anything more for either of our arguments. I don't expect you to think kids are wonderful or change your mind and want to have them, that's not my objective. Anyone can hate babies and swear not to have them, it's not my bussiness and no one is forced to have children. I do think having kids is worthwhile and realistically there are joys to it, as well as pains. We don't need to agree on this because we already have different views on kids therefore an fml involving a baby probably won't be settled. But i dont think i have anything else to say that i haven't already said, so have a nice weekend:)

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well if u don't like babies it was better to say I don't like babies than saying I hate babies that's just wrong o.O

Personally, I don't hate children, I just don't particularly care to deal with some of the financial burden, emotional drain, and other things that come with having them. I fully intend to spoil my best friend's children rotten, with her approval. But I will not change my mind about having my own. And as you've said, FML is vague at best, being on line long we really don't have all the details required to make more than a basic judgment based on the original comment and the responses to it. And I also have no problem with anyone else deciding they do want children, we all have different goals and ambitions in life, my choice isn't intended to reflect a mindset that I think everyone should have. There are really good parents out there who do an excellent job with their children. It's just not my cup of Joe. Thank you for your comment. And I agree, probably a good stopping point. I hope you enjoy your weekend as well. :)

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I don't like babies either it's not a crime. I would never hurt one. but as for caring all the time I'll pass. now baby animals are too cute for words!!

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94 **** you, child or not it's illegal to set off fireworks before the 4th in many places. not to mention babies aside I don't want assholes setting fireworks off on a day other than holiday. OP you can call the police, they can stop it because it's disturbing the peace of the neighboorhood when I was 14 somone was having a party outside with loud music the day before a final called police (they should have a non crisis number) and it ended fast- within one hour or so.

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this FML is missing one thing. In Soviet Russia, baby set off fireworks and awakens sick neighbor! I'm sorry, I just HAD to do it

thecoolestever1 YOU are IGNORANT for using the word "Hate" its a strong word especially if you use it on an innocent child that was just brought to the world babies are just little angels that do nothing wrong to anyone.... also you could of said "I Dnt like babies" but lookig at you I can tell that you ahve no idea if what you even say

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just because something is "to be expected" doesn't mean people shouldn't be allowed to complain about it. it is "to be expected" that parents will complain when other people cause their babies to wake up and cry. every parent does that whether they wanted the baby or not so maybe you shouldn't complain about it so much.

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there is nothing wrong with disliking children, they can be really annoying and I plan on not having any. but I most likely will later on in my life but right mow I couldn't care less.

there is nothing wrong with hating babies, either. it's an opinion and means you need to be extra careful about birth control so you don't wind up regretting the next 18 years of your life.

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Emrysa. Go write your damn novels elsewhere. This isn't wwwdoteverybody-wants-to-know-what-emrysa-thinksdotcom. Its FML. In her opinion, this was "******". Don't agree? Mark YDI and move on. Or write a simple comment. But holy shit, not so much, no one gives a flying ****.

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197- lmfao that is such a true lol you made my day today bahahahahahaa

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your an idiot babies hate you too, I hate when people do things like that and wake my son up that's why I just go to there house and make them stfu (: it works trust me :D

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#2 You are not the coolest ever your a ******* idiot. I hope you never have kids because I would feel very sorry for them to have a dumbass parent like yourself. All the people saying it's the OP's fault for having a kid are ******* stupid. They probably decided to have a child and it's not their fault they have asshole neighbors. If you want to shoot off fireworks, do it at a park or something not where you might disturb your neighbors.

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Most of you guys are idiots. It's not about faults. It's about the child. How about your freaking parent takes that attitude. Your sick and finally get some sleep, then some dumbass sets off fireworks and wakes people up. It's illegal meaning don't do it, and you should get in trouble if you do. having children is not about a fault. It's about responsibility. This person was being responsible. They have every freaking right to say fml because their BABY is SICK and got woken up. It's a baby. They need sleep. Obviously before you say something stupid like I'm not gunna have children because of how their an inconvenience think about it. Because that's not true. Maybe your parents should have thought about that before having you. Your an inconvenience. Children aren't inconveniences and if everyone acted and thought like you. There wouldn't be people left. Obviously you shouldn't have a child because you are not mature enough for one.

gabrielbaby 9

CHILDREN ARE NOT ACCIDENTS YOU DUMB ASS. you not having children is a good thing. You are beyond not mature enough. Children are not an inconvenience. Idiotic people like you are an inconvenience.

gabrielbaby 9

You can't look at your baby self and say damn I was annoying. That's stupid. Think before you say offensive and rude things.

gabrielbaby 9

Her child was SICK. You will die alone.

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You're the idiot and so is anyone else who hates babies. If you think they're annoying, then you're really a sensitive little prick who let's anything get to you. Babies don't know any better, they just cry when they're tired, hungry, thirsty, etc.. It doesn't mean the baby is an idiot. ALL babies do it. The annoying ones are the 3 year olds who scream in restaurants... Moron

PhishloverA 14
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you're cute :) just sayinn....

You just got de-complimented! I'm pretty sure no guy wants to hear that he looks like Nick Jonas. Even Nick Jonas doesn't want to hear that...

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actually Nick Jonas is not an unattractive person. just the fact that he's in the Jonas brothers makes being called Nick Jonas insulting haha

awwwh that sucks! but it's the fourth of the July weekend can't do much about it!

shove his fireworks up his ass and light it

I know the feeling. The assholes next door have been celebrating July 4th for the last month. They scare the crap out of my 2 year old. I'm with this guy, a bottle rocket suppository may be just what the doctor ordered.

Today, my neighbor shoved fireworks up my ass and lit them.FML

aaaaaw sheeyat I got me some supporters! **** WIT ME **** WIT ME! lol jkjk  eez all jokhes *phleghm*

I know what you mean, but it's his neighborhood too. If he's allowed to shoot them off, he's allowed to shoot them off. Sorry if it scares your kid, but he's not exactly being an asshole unless he's doing it to purposely scare him. Nobody is obligated to cater to your kid's fears.

That really sucks. I've been there before.

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you should've bitched him out.

that does suck... boo your neighbor!! I hate when you FINALLY get baby down and something/someone retarted wakes um up!

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I agree that your life sucks! I am a Mom too and have often thought of burying the neighbors in my basement after something like that happens.

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Nothing a Roman Candle to the face won't fix. 10 extra points for a direct hit to the eye.