By Lentil - 31/01/2012 13:13 - Australia

Today, I went over to my neighbours' to politely complain about their dog, which had been barking non-stop for hours. This issue has been going on for months, and I finally decided today, of all days, was the day to resolve it. When I got there, they'd just got home from giving birth at the hospital. FML
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It's not like they can blame you for being annoyed. You should tell them anyways. Especially if its been going on for months.

Now you'll have to listen to the dog plus a crying baby.


It's not like they can blame you for being annoyed. You should tell them anyways. Especially if its been going on for months.

They might want to stop the dog's barking since they don't want the dog to wake up the newborn.

The newborn will be used to it, since they listened to it as long as the op has.

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32 - Read the FML again. They just got home from having the baby. So, they should want the dog to stop barking also anyway.

MyLoveDrunk 11

36- if you know anything about fetal development you would know that she was referring to the fact that the baby heard the dog barking in the womb for months too.

xStaciexLynnx 15

41- If you know anything about infants you'd know the damn dog is still going to wake the baby.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

I have two dogs and when I had my son they did not wake him at first. For the first three months newborns have a reflex that basically tunes the world out when they sleep. Well when that was over they woke him up constantly!! So you are all right really but my question is why is this even an argument?

MyLoveDrunk 11

62- How about this, if you understood any reason why I said what I said you would know that I wasn't saying that they should just let the dog bark all night and all day long, I was just clarifying to that other person that babies are able to hear in the womb since he obviously didn't know. But thanks for your stupid comment anyways.

So they should have gotten someone to sit the dog. Not your fault. Oh and you should have wished them luck with the screaming newborn AND yappy mutt! Oh, but then again, thats not going to be much fun for you. FYL

Dogs have an instinct to survive. I left mine home for a week and I came back and he had slaughtered all of my cattle.

If it isn't obvious that I'm bullshitting then you need you slap yourself.

I was gonna say your username suits your dog better if its a true story. :P

I don't think the first thing they think of when she's about to pop out a baby is who is going to make sure their dog isn't going to bark......

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^ not true. They look like aliens.

I don't know about you, but I find aliens very cute.

Now you'll have to listen to the dog plus a crying baby.

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Ohhhh... The story was about the newborn baby making noise as well as the dog. I thought it was just about the awkwardness of the timing (right when they got back from the hospital). Herp derp.

12- I thought the same too. May I join you in your herping and derping?

The_Troller 14

Go right ahead, it gets lonely over here herping by myself.

Welcome to life, complain about a yapping dog and maybe just maybe they'll throw in a newborn too!

Look on the bright side: Maybe from now on the dog's barking will be drowned out by the baby's crying.

omarzrgz 3

Tell them to cradle the dog to sleep and have the baby put to sleep humanely... I got that wrong didn't I..

iAmScrubs 19

Just confine the dog to a kennel forever?

No, I meant bring it to a kennel when they aren't going to be home

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

If the dog isn't used to bring in a kennel and you leave it there, it's just going to whine like it dying until you let it out.

Well that will be the kennels problem, not the dog owners problem

She meant a boarding kennel where they dog sit for you, morons. And yes, they should have done so.

ninjuh_wingman 29

At best, the baby wont cry that much and you'll only have to hear the dog. Worst case scenario, the baby and dog go at it all day nonstop.

The_Troller 14

You could've worded that last part a little better.

JayByrd13 6

17: I know right? But that kinda is worst case scenario. It'd make a lot of noise too..