By Anonymous - 13/07/2019 04:30

Today, it was the first day after my promotion. Everyone, including myself, was shocked that I was promoted so quickly. I figured it was because of all the hard work and overtime I'd put in. However, my coworkers figure I'm just sleeping with the boss, and constantly glare and snicker behind my back. FML
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TomeDr 24

Prove to them you’ve earned it.


“Overtime?” That’s code for sleeping with the boss.

TomeDr 24

Prove to them you’ve earned it.

Wadlaen 23

Well, are you sleeping with the boss..?

Coworkers like this are the worst. I once had the flu and bronchitis and was out sick a lot or coughing until I threw up, and my coworker was going around telling everyone I was pregnant and it was just morning sickness.

It really sucks to be a woman in the work place. People don’t realize but women are constantly harassed and treated like they don’t to as good at their job as a man does and when something goes right for them, they make up shit like this.