By Steve - 13/06/2012 21:30 - United States - Lake Charles

Today, I walked in on my wife masturbating. Naturally, I asked her if she needed some help. She replied, "Nah, I've got this." FML
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or he can't compete with her ***** :P

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Only thing he did wrong was ask =P. Just get in there next time OP!!

Isn't that like... the definintion of rape...

I don't think it's rape if it's with his wife

They are married dumbass then it's mistreating her.

Sooo... rape isn't rape if they're married?

Actually, 94, there IS such a thing as marital rape... But i think what we have here is a communication problem

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but honest ****** do so much friend actually prefers them over guys sometimes._. guys need to step it up before didlos take over!!

108- A tongue isn't battery operated man.

There's just ways you can touch yourself that your partner wont be able to do.

I hate to tell you all but masturbation does not stop during a relationship. It is not a replacement for sex or something to do during the lack of sexual activity. It is a pleasure into itself. If she wants to wank then it's her prerogative. Maybe she'll want a **** later. OP is doing nothing wrong.

108- Maybe if some girls werent so worn out they could get off with a guy. Not the guys fault.. If a guy is with a girl that is tight more than likely she will get off if he knows what he is doing. On the other hand if a girls ****** is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway I highly doubt she would get off on anything other than oversized *****. Get a grip lol literally.

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Wow. 168 actually thinks a girl getting off has to do with how tight she is. There is so much more to a woman being able to ****** with her partner. It's not about tightness.

168 - probably the most ignorant thing I've heard all day. thanks for this laugh.

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****** can do so much these days. They can spin, thrust, come in several colors, etc..

168 um, most women tend to achieve orgasms through clitoral stimulating, not penetration. so it really doesn't matter about tightness. I hope you do some research before having sex, or you're gonna have some unsatisfied partners. also, even if the OP's wife was "loose" she doesn't have trouble getting a man because she's married to one who is obviously happy to have sex with her.

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I don't think I need to point this "1" out

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But make sure you look at her with a wide eyed unblinking stare. And when you finish scream "I WIN!!!!!!"

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Only makes sense to do ;)

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17- If you want to claim the title of "Grammar Nazi", please use correct punctuation.

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Mutual ************ can lead to multiple rounds if sex after... If watching turns her on enough

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111- Fair enough, grammar does not technically include punctuation. I suppose my line of thinking was that if you are going to claim to be a perfectionist of any sort, you should probably live up to the title.

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I think Grammar Nazi there does a fine job at being a grammar perfectionist so I think he/she does live up to his/her title.

115- By now I hope you've at least caught that he was making fun of the first comment that used "2" instead of the actual word.

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Well, he technically forgot the period at the end of his sentence.

152 it's actually quite enjoyable to watch your partner. You should try it.

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Punctuation is a part of grammar...

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Is it really that hard to write the word 'to', you stupid cockhead?

Good advice, she obviously needs something to spice it up.

Boss wife, you should learn from her: maybe then she'll want your pleasuring :)

OP should sit there with a pen and paper in hand and start taking notes. Also he should not compromise on a concentrated stare and the timely 'hmm' and 'uhun'.

Just like laundry, it was a small load so she did it by hand.

My girlfriend is so sweet, she does all my laundry for me

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Bitch please! I do laundry, sammiches/sandwiches AND shave his back. Your girlfriends have nothing on me. ... ...Just putting it out there. :|

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102, firstly ew, secondly, try waxing so you don't have to do it so much. :)

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102.. You really just put me off with the hairy back.. Gross

You might need some help with pleasing your wife.

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8- To bad he could not mimic your profile pic... The face not the animals....

You could have just started rubbing one off next to her.

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I have a feeling that I've seen something such as this quite recently.... Hmmmmm wonder why that is

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I have a feeling that I've seen this quite recently.... Hmmmmm wonder why that is

Well if she was, OP more than likely wouldn't have posted this.

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I doubt if women make jokes when it's time to ******.