By Anonymous - 10/09/2010 02:09 - United States

Today, I was in my basement when I saw a giant cricket on the floor. I found an old plastic bottle of orange paint to drop on it and did so from about five feet up. The bottle exploded and splattered the walls and floor like a crime scene. The cricket hopped away untouched. FML
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schwancy 2

Have you ever tried using your foot? Or perhaps just leaving it alone?


Jessi2487 0

moron? thats kinda harsh... i would say op is lacking capacity... or an idiot

Anaxes 5
xlostwithoutu 0

I love how everyone says YDI for things like this when you'd be saying FML if it happened to you. Don't reply lol

Kanvis78 0

The YDI is for the stupidity involved in creating the FML in the first place. Hence, you fail ! In other words, we wouldn't also say FML, because only a moron would have dropped the bottle from 5 feet to kill a harmless cricket. Enjoy.

ElMundio87 0

48 I wouldn't be enough of a dumbass to throw cans of paint at an insect so yeah, OP deserves it p.s. I replied, what are you gonna do?

msphatb00ty 0

48 he deserves it because he purposely dropped a container filled with(brightly colored) paint to the floor when he could easily have used his shoe or something else sensible.

Mars_Bars_Big_Na 0

it's a cricket what's it gona do steal your wallet? sexually harass you? I mean come on

schwancy 2

Have you ever tried using your foot? Or perhaps just leaving it alone?

SoundnVasion 0

It's bad luck to kill crickets! You got lucky there, you would've had many more fmls later on had you killed it!

really? in that case I must be going to hell for feeding crickets to my lizards every day!

Insects always win when you try stupid methods of killing them. Same with any other vermin. Didn't you ever watch cartoons?

Anaxes 5

What about causing a rather large cliff to fall on the insect, would that work?

lemontarts 0

You basically fail, you can't just scoop it up and put it outside...or use the time tested method of squishing it with your damn foot? WOW I'd hate to see you kill a spider.

goldhighways 0

wow dropping a paint can? you shoulda see. that coming. you should have just stepped on it

FYLDeep 25

It seems like you should have had a lot of red flags going off in your head that maybe this was a bad idea. First of all, did you ever hear of someone trying to kill an insect via paint canister?

fatalkiss 0

what crime scene looks orange?

If someone murders an Oompa-Loompa, I suppose it would be orange...

FFML_314 11

I don't think OP was referring to the color. :P

Fuhohohoho!~ I made someone laugh! Victory!~ *dances*

fatalkiss 0

well either way, op isn't the brightest lad...

and your a loser. what are you going to do convince her to to move away from home to see you. try meeting people in the real world an not via Internet. it kinda makes you look pathetic. FYI

vballer123456 0

idk any orange crime scene lol but why a paint can use your foot or a rolled up newspaper or better idea let it live

who wouldn't date someone with such an adorable kitty?

omg anyone could put sunglasses and a bikini and people would say they are pretty unless they're fat.

I just figured out the perfect murder. I will never get caught if I kill an Oompa-Loompa by droping a can of orange paint on it... wait a minute... OP, you're busted. Someone call the police.

TashaLenaKitty 0

Smart move,you should have known that would happen! Honestly, You should have just caught it and let it outside INSTEAD of killing it. Just my opinion though.

Yay! Glad I'm not the only girl who would rather take the bugs outside than kill them. Most of my friends, who are girls, would rather -I- kill the bugs. >_<

I can't kill bugs or spiders; I can't even kill ants :( I always feel so guilty.