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By Anonymous - 31/07/2012 06:42 - United States - Houston

Today, I was upset over a recent break up. It showed while I was at work, and I made a customer sad just by looking blue. She complained to my manager. I got written up for being so depressed that I got a customer depressed too. FML
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This FML depressed me :( why would you bring this depression on the rest of us?! But that does suck, sorry for your luck and break up OP.

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Customers can be so selfish. Hang in there op, the worst part is over


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I thought the whole "first" fad was over with. *sigh*

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I think the worst part about 1 was that the comment originally just said "wow" and the commenter actually went to the trouble to edit the comment to add that he/she was first. Seriously?

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yeah let's all discuss this now! Sure will discourage retards and trolls to do it again! Buttrage over this is worse than #1 comment. And now I had to participate and say this simply cuz u tards keep rustling my jimmies just by being tards.

This FML depressed me :( why would you bring this depression on the rest of us?! But that does suck, sorry for your luck and break up OP.

Too much sadness. I think I'll lay on my bed and cry now.

I think I'll lay under your bed and cry also.

That sucks, people will complain about anything these days.

I'll sit in your closet and cry too.

Getting a bucket of ice cream and a good movie might cheer you up.

55- I'm getting hungry under the bed an I'm running out of tears. Should I just give up?

I'm not strong enough. I'll Ned all the help I can get.

I call upon the mountains. I call upon the sea. I call upon all living things. Help me create.... A TEAR BOMB

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I'm so sad right now! I'm balling my eyes out! Join me?

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Do you work at one of those places that makes you wear flare ?

One who else wants to cry can come to my room.

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Customers can be so selfish. Hang in there op, the worst part is over

I just want to know what that customer was thinking. "Oh, she looks so sad, it's making me sad too. I think I'll complain to the manager, that will make us both feel better and get her a raise."

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Well I can definitely say that working in retail is one of the hardest jobs out there. We lowly under paid associates get minimum wage, work at any hour, holidays, and on top of that have to try to smile and sell shit that people refuse to buy.. You people who don't work in retail need to step back out of your little bubble and remember an associate is a human too and we don't like being crapped on because we didn't have a 110 watt freaking smile! Suck it up buy your damn tampons and get the hell outta the store! To anyone who works in retail and gets crapped on a lot by fellow associates or customers. I totally relate, hang in there.

95- I applaud you! It is one of the most thankless jobs on the planet! You are on display all of the time for minimum wage. Sucks totally.

95 - while I agree that no human should be crapped on, I can see why people want retail workers not to look angry, irritated or depressed. Employees of a store are like a business card to customers; it's more likely for them to return to a store with happy (or at least not unhappy) employees. Yes, it's a crappy job with bad salary, but as in every job where you interact with customers in person, you need to be able to switch on that "Hi, I'm super excited to be allowed to help you"-face. Personally I don't mind someone having a bad day, but sadly, the majority counts :(

Smile OP. Someone will come around who is right for you.

We dont need that gloomy attitude you satanist.

I can assure you, I am not a satanist and I do not believe I ever will be.

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His username is SAINTS not satanist! Learn how to read!

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BEGONE EVIL WORSHIPPER, MAY YOU NEVER FIND HAPPINESS AND LOVE AND-- oh, the guy read his name wrong? Damn. There goes my deposit on this rant. Anyone willing to buy it from me? Works great on hipsters as well.

54 There is a large difference between a Saint, and Satan...

That customer is a total idiot. I would never complained to someone's manager just because a someone looked a little depressed. Not your fault OP.

Yea I completely agree the customer didn't even care about ops sadness and just reported her so she can be reprimanded what if that write up sent op over the edge thankfully it didn't I'm sorry op customers aren't always right

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I would suggest either taking personal time off, having some girls nights, getting a bottle of wine, or just sitting at home and watching The Notebook to cry it out.

Or a guys night out? This FML doesn't state op's gender. But I get where you are going with this.

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My apologies yes you're right it could be a guy. I don't know why I assumed OP was a girl. Yeah guys nights would always cheer me up after a break up. Time for Hooters!

I was thinking more of Applebees but Hooters is fine.

What if the guy wants to stay at home watching the notebook to cry it out?

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35, omg I love Applebees. I'd love to grieve there. 37, yes I am stereotyping and you're right. Some guys might want to cry over The Notebook.

37- By guys night he probably meant getting together with friends but I'm sure the group activity they'll be taking place in will not involve crying or The Notebook.

Yes, but where do you work? If you help plan funerals, I bet it wouldn't take much to make the customer sad. If you work at, I don't know, a cookie shop, then this story is hilarious. After all, who could be upset when surrounded by cookies?

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Someone who can't afford cookies?

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Most bakeries actually accept EBT cards so even those on welfare can afford cookies.

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If you are that depressed then there's no need to go to work. I've been in your shoes and I know how you're feeling. If I were you, I'd take a vacation and go some place fun and exciting. You need to get your mind off the situation.

Maybe OP won't get paid if s/he doesn't go into work, so s/he sucks it up and tries to do his/her best. The customer is an asswipe for complaining about an employee looking depressed, and the manager is a jerk for writing OP up. I can't remember my mood being affected by someone else's mien. I'd rather someone not be artificially cheerful. Ring up my stuff, and let's get this over with. OP, I'm sorry about the breakup. Take care of yourself and do whatever you need to do to get this out of your system.

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sorry to hear that. your boss sounds like a douche bag.

Don't be down op; if I didn't work out then it wasn't meant to be. All this did was free you up to find that right person. I see past relationships as a way to help you find what qualities you do or don't like in a partner. As for the whole job thing that sucks but you have to learn how to leave your problems at home. Work is work!

Theres a limit to that. People aren't robots and while in the perfect world it'd be great to just stop feeling things it isn't always that easy. Her employer is a dick and needs to stop escalating minor issues, how hard is it to have a quiet word with your employee over this? It isn't a common or extreme situation, it's an example of poor management. Even if the customer makes it out to be a huge deal, do the decent thing and lie to the customer.

22- while I do agree that op's employer was a bit harsh i still think they should have left there problems at home. Learn to control yourself! What if everyone who was having a crappy day just started crying at work? Nothing would get done. Find somewhere private to mope then move on. No one is worth my tears, especially if they hurt me. I am a stay at home mom so essentially this is my job, I can't be depressed in front of my kids if I'm not having a good day; I just suck it up and move on, and you know what... by the end of the day it's usually not so bad because you don't spend the whole day focusing on the negative.

And people have emotions. If you're that upset you can't always just turn it off and pretend you're fine. I had to go to work as a cashier just hours after a horrible breakup, and I tried to act normal because I didn't want to be sobbing at my register all day. I managed to stop crying once I got there, but a coworker noticed how upset I still was, and asked if I was okay. And that was all it took to start me sobbing again. Sometimes you just can't help it. Luckily, my manager's not a heartless bitch like OP's seems to be. She asked if I needed to talk, and gave me some time to calm down before going back to my register. OP- I feel your pain, and I'm sorry you had to deal with such an awful customer and manager :(

And 29 & 45- there's a difference between having a "crappy day" and being extremely upset/ depressed over something horrible happening, and not everyone can just take a sick day if they're not really too sick to work. So what do you do? Go to work, and yes, try to suck it up and be professional, but that's not always possible. As was said above, people are not machines. We have feelings and sometimes it's just too hard to shut them off and act cheerful when all you want to do is bawl.