By jasminejzhu - 14/04/2013 09:58 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, after an exhausting weekend of work, I decided to take a nap. I was awoken several hours later by my mother-in-law knocking on my door. Apparently my 11-year-old called up grandma to complain that she was hungry and that mum was sleeping instead of cooking dinner. FML
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FYL for living close enough to your mother in law that she can knock on your door without buying a plane ticket first.

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I knew the concept of responsibility when I was 9! when I was 10 I was ten I was at least able to cook eggs in a couple ways. my mom worked nights and was always exhausted. she still cooked most of the time but on the rare occasions she didn't, I was able to step up. kids today are too over babied. so glad I'm not growing up with this generation


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I am puzzled how that delegates the child as a "brat." The child is just 11 years old, how would she know the toll of responsibilities on a person, such as her mom.

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I knew the concept of responsibility when I was 9! when I was 10 I was ten I was at least able to cook eggs in a couple ways. my mom worked nights and was always exhausted. she still cooked most of the time but on the rare occasions she didn't, I was able to step up. kids today are too over babied. so glad I'm not growing up with this generation

hell yeah 27. kids need to know how to do something for them selves. but alas, they don't

It would be sad to let kids be so ignorant at 11. They can learn responsibility and about hardships in life at a much earlier age, as do many kids that are 9-10 years old that live in poor neighborhoods and learn the meaning of money, work, and taking care of each other.

She/he should at least be able to pour herself milk and cereal, or make a sandwich. My 9 year old sister can do those things.

Feeding yourself when you're hungry is a basic concept that any 11 year old should know. Hell, Matilda could do it when she was 6!

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My mum used to work crazy long hours as a doctor, so I learned to fend for myself. I even used to make meals for my younger siblings when my parents were too tired. Kids of this generation are spoiled and lazy.

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I was cooking for myself at 10 so I taught my kids early too. When their friends are over, my kids cook for them too, I don't.

Oh yea? I was cooking when I was still in my mothers womb! They were going to throw my umbilical chord away and I said "No doctor, let me fry that shit up and make a meal!" By age 5 I was going out and shooting my own cow and pig, and by 11 I won Hell's Kitchen.

#59 no need to be snotty. People are raising a valid point; an 11 year old should understand that when Mom is exhausted, she can fix her own dinner, even if it's just something simple. If you don't understand the concept of self-sufficiency, perhaps you've never gotten the memo that you really aren't the center of the universe.

A several hour long nap? Uh yeah, someone should have been called!

Calm down 65, it was a joke/reference based on the fact that the commenters examples were getting younger and more independent/helpful each time. It doesn't mean she doesn't understand/agree with what was being said and it doesn't mean she was being sarcastic or something.

65- Jesus, someone needs to pull the barbwire out of their ass! It was a joke. My mom is disabled, so yea, I knew how to care for myself at a young age. Way to be an ass wipe.

How long are other peoples naps? I am lucky to get an hour nap. Why complain about a couple hour nap? Isn't that just called "sleep"?

Important thing to remember: for something to really be a joke, EVERYONE in the room should be laughing. If it was so funny, why did it wind up buried?

Not everyone has the same sense of humor. Not everyone always laughs at the same kinds of jokes.

#67 - OR the child could have just woken her mother up... I don't understand the mindset of a child that would choose to ring their grandmother to complain that their mother wasn't cooking dinner, instead of waking their mother up, or even calling her father if she felt the need to phone someone. It does sound bratty.

I agree! She should have taught her daughter atleast how to make a snack.

"Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime."

102, you're right. I wasn't really taking in how old the child was haha.

When I was 9 my parents got me a cookbook. I learned how to make eggs and French toast. If this girl is 11 and can't make her own food...

I think that is what #94 means by what they said.

#67 - Not everyone can afford to have a 9-5 job Monday through Friday. There are those of us who have to work opposite shifts from our spouses just to make ends meet since child care is so costly. Maybe grandma could help out and take the kids for a few hours on the weekends.

#1 Teach HER to cook, not him. Also, I hope you never have kids if you call them brats.

Can't really blame the child. Where do you think they get it from?

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I understand that work is very tiring, but there is always a responsibility to your kids. Maybe next time OP should make a quick snack or meal and then go to sleep. Being hungry is never fun.

26 - She's 11, not 1. She's more than capable of making herself a quick snack: cereal, instant noodles, canned soup, eggs, etc. it's not that difficult

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OP was taking a 7 hour nap that sounds like enough time to me

Most parents don't want their children cooking when they're not supervising. Cereal is fine, but operating an oven, I'm not so sure about. I think people need to keep in mind that more than just 'this generation' or whatever does stuff like this.

I just love how the voting system works for this site (Sarcasm). He meant within the time the parent was sleeping grandma could have baked some cookies.

#26 - having driven home many many times barely conscious (due to having to make ends meet) after working the overnight shift at my job I almost always got woken up by my wife while I was sleeping in the car in the driveway since my body would force me to sleep due to exhaustion. try staying awake for 36 hours straight and you will see what I mean.

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What a needy brat. I was making most of my own meals when I was five. Teach him/her to cook.

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So... you made meals at five huh? Sorry that not everyone wants to eat frozen waffles all the time.

...while they are still frozen. I have a five year old son.

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I guess she was heated up? Bake your bed and go get dinner ready!

Mmmmmm.... Bed sounds good! Will you be baking sofas and chairs for dinner, too? *salivating*

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Maybe there isn't one? Because surely the man wouldn't be lazy...

Most people who have in-laws also have a spouse.

He could be working opposite shifts as the mum. A lot of families do that so they don't have to worry about child care, and judging by the kids response I don't think she's left alone often.

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Tell your in law to take him when she leaves.

Damn. That brat is not going to get anywhere in life being lazy and not knowing how to cook for herself. Sorry, OP

#10) I love how you have so many votes 'up' for what you said when #4 basically said the same thing you just re-worded it and he got his berried in bad votes. (Don't mind the bad spellin'/grammer i still get my point 'cross).

i like how most of these comments are missing the point of the fml. this is pretty funny

Most comments I've read have been about whether the mum should've been asleep and whether the child should have called. Care to share what the point of the fml is if not either of those two?

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A little indecisive are we? Mothers then mother's.

Gotta keep snacks in the cupboard next time. An 11 years old is old enough to find something to eat on their own, unless you're the type of parent that'll get mad for snacking before dinner because it'll spoil their appetite. Hope your in-law had some grandma/grandchild bonding and took the kid out for dinner while you went back to sleep.

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The kid should be able to feed her self until her mom wakes up. I had to take up so many responsibilities when I was 7 because my moms health. An 11 year old can at least make cereal or a sandwich