By MissedTheBoat - Canada - Calgary
Today, when I was talking to my younger brother, he suddenly said "Oh, I was supposed to tell you that there's this girl who has a huge crush on you!" I asked who and he answered, "I totally forgot her name, that was like 2 months ago." FML
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By  Roskosity  |  22

Brothers. Just when you think they have some merits, they let you down. Can I get an amen?!

  whostolemylama  |  12

Amen is a word that means "I believe" that's usually said in religious ceremonies, but it is not a religious word, it's just a word.

You're ignorance baffles me.

  Roskosity  |  22

Oh fuck off stollenllamadude. Your comment doesn't even make sense in regard with what I said. And obviously no one likes your comment either @wellshite.

  olpally  |  32

Lots of hostility, relax, I agree with 21 though. 16 and 5, Both of your comments sucked just as much as hers... as for op, that's just bad luck. You'll find someone.


#49- We know that the girl didn't tell OP herself that she liked him. Plus, it's been two months already so we can assume that if she hasn't said anything still, she's probably forgotten about him already. These things happen, especially in groups of people who aren't totally mature yet.

  MeloTooNice7  |  7

You don't even know how old they are. They could be 14 and 13 or anything of that sort. Just because someone is a little brother doesn't mean it's a toddler. Also, by the way the brother said it, I'm guessing he wasn't too young.

  perdix  |  29

#17, that's because I use really good camouflage and instead of the slop bucket, I go with Depends. Hey, I can't afford to miss something cute you might do!