By Anonymous / Friday 5 November 2010 02:22 / United States
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By  xXpeachesXx  |  0

Actually, the OP mentioned he/she was in extreme back pain and could barely hold their head up...
Back and neck pain, especially not being able to hold their head up, with flu-like symptoms, fever and dizziness ARE ALL symptoms of meningitis, and should not be taken lightly. We have had several students die over the years from this in our local university, because they thought they had the flu and didn't go to the doctor. A flu should not last more than 2-4 days, if it does and you are still vomiting and having diarrhea, you need to go to the doctor anyway. As an RN, I would definitely suggest OP goes to the doctor ASAP. So Foe, maybe you need to get some medical training or check out WebMD before telling someone they're stupid for warning someone about symptoms that could kill them.

  bamagrl410  |  31

53 = win hahaha

  Dr_Outcast  |  0

Disturbed FTW.

@OP I can't really say whether YDI or not. YDI because you got up when you coulda called her in, then been all "You can go back to your dinner now." FYL because I know what it's like to be constantly sick like that. Fortunately, I'm fine now.

By  x_pgmg  |  3

Sooo how's this an FML? Maybe she's done everything she can to help you and you keep pestering!

hahahaha kidding. Sorry OP sucks to be you, I got the flu once and it lasted 2 weeks and out of the 2 weeks I can only remember 3 days 0_0

By  zenti  |  2

Moms know when you're seriously sick and when you're in a condition where you're in pain but will survive. It sucks for you that you fall into the latter category, but don't go moaning for attention. Moms stop putting up with that after their kids turn 12.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Moms also appreciate actually finishing a meal now and then. Whining and wanting to cuddle while they're eating doesn't get the best responses. Hmm, never thought I'd sympathize with my mother in law.


oh my goodness!!...what a nice surprise!!...i am so glad to hear that there is another MUSER on here!!...haha...and yes, they are beyond amazing when it comes to their lyrics, music, and overall performance!!..they are just pure talent :)

By  TheRealFamilyGuy  |  5

what do you want her to do? shrink herself down using a shrink ray and enter your body in a tiny germ fighting ship and go around your body fighting the infection? I don't think so!

By  Good_old_Grim  |  8

Sorry, OP, but you are just being a whiny little self-centered bitch.

So just suck it up already - your mommy won't be always around to hold your hand, so its never too early to grow the hell up.

By  CoachLlama  |  5

Sorry you feel puny. Maybe you can find some over the counter medication to help your symptoms. Give mom a break, she's had to deal with you all week too. After you feel better, do something nice for her.

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