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Today, I finally had a day off in two weeks and I was excited about getting to sleep in. At 5am, my mom came in and knocked loudly. When I asked her what she wanted, she said she was checking to see if I was asleep. FML
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CliffyB03 28

If you're not dying or I'm not about to leave for the airport. Don't wake me up. And if you are dying, go to someone else


How rude. If my mother did that to me, I'd pretend to be asleep. If she continuously knocked, I'd probably say some very nasty things to her. Hopefully you were able to get back to sleep OP.

That doesn't sound like a very healthy relationship.

Or you know you could probably tell her you're trying to sleep and maybe she'd quit disturbing you. You must have been a handful as a child #1.

Talking wakes me the **** up very fast. If you have an inkling that I'm sleeping, and you wake me up without good reason, I'll have some choice words. Not because the relationship is unhealthy, but because I have a point to drive home: sleep time is sleep time. Sometimes politeness just didn't convey the importance. sup Stop being so touchy mom's feelings, and factor in OP's too. Mom was in the wrong here.

crazy_bananas 31

Number 1 you sound like a bit of a dick child. Also I saw your profile and you're married and have two kids so that definitely doesn't sound like the adult behavior of a parent.

#12, my mother and I have never gotten along well for many reasons. Just because we have never been "best friends" doesn't mean anything in my relationship with my husband and my children since we have a good relationship. If I know my kids are asleep, I leave them alone. If I need to check on them, I'm quiet about it. End of discussion.

Also #12, questioning someone on their parenting or their "adultness of a parent" is kind of a dick move. My children are very respectable kids. My son opens the door for elders if he is strong enough, no matter who they are. My daughter is successful and has a bright future ahead. We are in the process of moving and my daughter has already made sure she'll be caught up for next school year at our new home. My husband and I have a very healthy relationship as well. Please butt out.

"Nasty things" that's kind of rude instead you can cut the talk by just saying "yep" and sleep... No offence but respect your mum even if you don't like it... ;p

#18, it is really hard to respect somebody who has had no support in anything that I've done with my life. My dad is the complete opposite. He loves my husband and my two children. My mom loves my kids and that's about it, besides loving herself. I grew up with every morning being told, "Get up stupid. You need to go to school and try and get smarter." My favorite was, "Your report card came in the mail, and I'm quite surprised that someone like you can get straight A's." My mother has never been nice to me; she has never said anything positive to me or about me. She is constantly putting me down. She deserves no respect at all. The only reason she was invited to the wedding is because it made my dad happy.

ChiefKoala 30

The only times I've yelled at my mom is when she's come into my room unannounced just to make random annoying ass noises. My mom never knocks, like ever. And she's caught me masturbating because I THOUGHT everyone had gone to bed, but no she just bursts through the door like she's a queen or something. Now if you come in and wake me up, I'm not going to be as dickish as number one; I might go back to sleep because I'll probably think it's one of the dogs or something. And I have to agree with 14, I don't want anything to do with my parents, but unfortunately I can't afford to support myself financially, and it is hard to respect someone who respects nothing about you (which my parents do not, and I am 21 before anyone jumps on my back about "if you're young then your parents blah blah blah"). So yeah, maybe OP of the comment hates their parents, I hate mine, but because I can't do shit without them invading my privacy, I just try to stay as far as possible from them.

#26, I know how you feel. My mom is so paranoid, she actually thought I was sneaking out of the house when I was actually trying to quietly get a glass of milk. Apparently the fridge door and the front door sound the same to her. I don't get it. Literally, the only reason I have my mom in my life is because it makes my father happy. If my dad wasn't here, she'd be cut off from my life and my children's lives.

The only good thing about snoring: they KNOW when you're asleep.

UserError94 18

What a great mum making sure you get them Z's!

Why not the Y's, though? #YLivesMatterToo

That was an awful joke #9. That wasn't even funny. No Y's for you.

CliffyB03 28

If you're not dying or I'm not about to leave for the airport. Don't wake me up. And if you are dying, go to someone else

My parents always taught me and my sister to never, ever wake them up unless there was a fire or someone was dying. I was always the type of kid to push the limit on rules, but even I knew to take this one seriously. Thankfully, it always went both ways. Sleep is a sacred thing in our household. (I didn't really learn to appreciate it until around middle school, though.)

I suppose its payback for all the times you woke her up when you were younger. My momma does the same thing.

As a child, you woke your parents up for some purposeful "life threating" (to a child at least) reason, like you just crapped yourself or your imagination is making monsters in your closet. Your's and OP'S Moms are jist being rude.

this is what i guessed, based on media not personal experience "i didn't get no sleep cuzz'a yall, yall ain't get no sleep cause of me'

Whenever people have done this(or similar) to me in the past, I have said "Well, I WAS asleep" with a lot of emphasis on the was. Usually they get the hint, realise what they just did and learn not to disturb my sleep.

Or just let it be known that you sleep with a gun under your pillow. People tend to leave you alone and let you sleep then.

Happens to me all the time. I know the pain.