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Today, is the day of the biggest concert in the state of Florida, and it's also my birthday. I was so excited to hear my mom got tickets. It was for her boyfriend and her. I'm stuck at home babysitting. FML
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If it was a Bieber concert I would consider yourself lucky.

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She sounds rather selfish. It's your special day, not her's.

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Wow just reading this makes me mad, I can't imagine how you feel OP. Happy Birthday, though. :(

Personally if my mom pulled that I would NOT be babysitting. She can find someone else who doesn't have a birthday that day.

OP's mom reminds me of my mom. :( I had to babysit on my 16th birthday because I had nothing better to do, while my parents went out to drink.

Oh yes how horrible of the mother that feeds and clothes her to do something nice for herself. Heaven forbid it not be all about her.

132, just because she can afford those tickets, you can't be sure she provides her with those. My mother was always in my life, but my grandma provided with clothing and shelter. My mother chose her money on other things.

Any other day sure but it was her daughters birthday she should have taken her daughter out not her boyfriend

What does being American have anything to do with this

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ironic. you'd think she'd be celebrating the day due to the fact that she pushed you out of her ******. what a ****. I'm sorry OP.

If it was a Bieber concert I would consider yourself lucky.

OH LORHDEH! AH-Men! ^ In the voice of a southern baptist priest.

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If it was a One Direction concert, hearing your description "biggest concert" might make me throw up

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You'd also be extremely lucky if it was a minaj concert...

As I type this I already can feel the down votes, but I think something has to be said. I truly don't care about people's musical preferences. I don't care if you like Justin Bieber or if you like exclusively Michael Jackson, or whatever. But I just ask people to recognize that even though someone might be famous, it doesn't mean that they don't have feelings. Whether its Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Mozart, John Lennon, they all have (or have had) feelings. So why do people constantly make fun of some them and turn them into jokes? Even if they produce music that you hate, why does society feel the need to downgrade them almost daily? If I don't like someone or their music, I don't take hits at them left and right. I simply choose not to listen to their music. Can't we all do the same?

#28 that's exactly what I was thinking!!

Don't criticize the degradation. They have feelings, but I guarantee you they've been instructed by PR professionals (or something similar) to not give a shit about what we say. In fact, every time we mention them (in a good or bad light) they win the publicity game.

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Consider your self lucky? Lol funny. He's the most successful person right now. So calm your ****.

This is so irrelevant. Go suck someone else off

Same happened here OP, dont let it get to you, and Happy Birthday! :D

If my mom went to a giant concert, that i wanted to go to, with her boyfriend on my birthday.. It would get to me. Id be pissed and hurt.

Sorry OP, you should let them destroy the house now!

Let them? You should play the let's destroy the house game with them. When your mom gets home say "We had our own concert here."

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Hey, someone else had a similar situation right before a fairy godmother showed up in a pumpkin! Who knows what could happen tonight?!

I had that happen to me. Unfortunately, my fairy godmother took one look at me, said "nope", and ended up using the pumpkin for soup.

#7, that was the most adorable thing I've ever read haha.

We realized that, we thumbed because of "ur" instead of "your."

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Who really gives a **** about spelling on this? Like it really bothers U people that much?!

What ever guys .. We are not at school here .. Second english is my fourth language .. So i don't care .. Really!

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You should've thumbed down because of 'ur' instead of 'you're'.

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Things like these you pay back in kind, get revenge slowly or make her feel really guilty and get revenge that way... >:l

Exactly. Because no matter what, karma is a bitch.

#21: I'm sure you get plenty of free fuel.

I doubt a Mom that would be THAT level of selfish would feel guilty about it anyhow.

#39: You must be receiving the high-end stuff; my coal just fizzles a little and then vanishes. I must not be mean enough; I'm going to have to try harder.

I'm pretty sure that if her mom got her to babysit kindness wouldn't even faze her...

I'm not sure what coal is, Santa kept sending it to Maggie Thatcher so she closed the mines