By savanna(: - 12/02/2011 08:05 - United States

Today, a police officer gave me a ticket for smoking. He told me that my parents would have to be contacted to come pick me up. My drunk dad came to the rescue, and almost hit the police car. Way to go dad. FML
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And then the mother came, with a prostitute suit, and started to flirt with the police officer,

I would love to see you and your dad have the same judge.


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that sucks for you op. maybe you should get an alarm.

I would love to see you and your dad have the same judge.

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Oh no! My kid is in trouble! This looks like a job for... DRUNK DAD! With incredible Beer Goggles to make everything funky, the consentration of a 2 year old and the driving skills of a squirrel, he's bound to save the day! (Or get arrested by cops)

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You can't get in trouble for smoking?

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114 - depends where you live I lived in a small town in Nevada and you could smoke just not buy under 18. Odd, I know.

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the name on the fml is savanna not really a boy name

It is in the Netherla-- oh crap, who am I kidding? I didn't notice it :(

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How about the expression "The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree" instead? I think it means the same thing but could apply to both genders.(:

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yeah..... ******* idiot kids tend to have ******* idiot parents:/

she's a girl. and that would only happen in Utah! lol

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obviously her dad neglects her and Utah is supposes to have alot of mormons.

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You would expect something like that to happen in Utah...

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Agreed. YDI for smoking. Smoking is disgusting.

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You're a weak, pathetic person if you don't have the will or the brains to start smoking, and that it's NO GOOD (Sonic reference)

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There's cooler ways to die than from smoking... Also, why'd you have to be picked up by a parent just for a ticket?