By notsolucky - 12/02/2011 15:01 - Canada

Today, I woke up at 11:11am. I was happy because I thought it was a sign that it was going to be a good day. I then realized that I was over an hour late for a job interview. FML
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TheDrop 0

what is that? I never heard of it

randiZ25 0

it's one Uh dem new contraptions dat dinga lings whens its time to wake up

VinegarStrokes 0

Wow... You REALLY wanted that job, huh?

You shoulda made a wish that the interviewer was also late, durr

nowIshallrise 0

I know, right? Who believes in that 11:11 crap anyway? -__-

flybye 0

Hahaha. Make a wish, sucker. Set the alarm next time, idiot.

Just wish you would still be on time. 11:11 wishes always come true.

seximexi911 10

haha make a wish!!! hopefully it wasn't a HUGE interview

seximexi911 10
derpherp 0

_φ(・_・ Hm....'Idiot'.... How?

derpherp 0

Thanks :D. _φ(・_・ Now, maje a penis joke(;´Д`A

The job probably would've sucked anyway. You'll be a lot more productive unemployed and broke. Maybe you should try panhandling or begging, I hear they make bank.

i have to use like 19 1/2 alarm clocks to wake up. want to borrow one OP? :)

randiZ25 0

They make alarm clocks in halves? Where would I get one of these half alarm clocks?

You must be that guy I sell half clocks to on EBAY.