By PC Jones - 20/09/2011 14:56 - Australia

Today, it was my first day as a police officer. A couple of hours into the shift, we got a call. A man was drunkenly jeering and urinating on parked cars. That man turned out to be my father. FML
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heylesha 8

thats actually kinda funny!


Did you arrest him ?

flockz 19

did you join him?

LiveLaughFML 10

what would mother say? tsk, tsk, shame.

MagicGiraffe 12

Ya there was 69 YDIs when I looked at this...;D

Fuck the police!

RedSharpieInk 5

You dad pees on cars? Shame..

monkeys1315 0

Maybe he was just testing you.

vibeplayer1112 0

This. Is. An over used FML.

GuitarFail123 9

What a family reunion for you two maybe when he gets out of jail you guys can catch a baseball game like old times

heylesha 8

thats actually kinda funny!

I wouldn't have a problem arresting my Pa in this situation. It sounds like fun

frankq555 3

It better then unknown ppl

ikickgingers 15

Your dad can come tailgating with me any day.

808Boyo 4

If your tits are as big as the ones in your picture, I'll tailgate with you anytime ;)

Get a life 47, or do the world a favor and strangle yourself until you're too retarded to breed.

You do know that that's a fake picture and it's only a big man in the basement with mustard on his lips. Or so that's what stereotypes lead me to believe.

ikickgingers 15

48 - ??

I guess you were annoying her too much before or you just aren't good so she doesn't like it... If a guy can't please a woman she surely won't have sex.

wrong fml?...

Where in this FML does it mention a woman and sex?

mistersheezy 7

I bet you were pissed off. Unlike the cars.

Yah! The cars where pissed up! Wait...

KiddNYC1O 20


Pissed on, you assclown.

Art thou frustrated sibling?

skata 4

67- wtf is an assclown

67- OHHHH! I get it now, sorry.

JustinThunder 8

At least your dad knows how to party.

ooops I missclicked FML XD sry!

Sounds like a swell first day on the job.

My comment was about something someone else said above. This is the edit. FML, your coding on this site is horrid.

I would Laugh my fucking ass off ahahaha

Okay tell the guys you'll take care of it. Then go by yourself, tackle him, and cuff his hands. Then, drive around the block a few times until he sobers up, and say you won't charge him if he gives you 100 dollars.

I need to be a police man!

14 except by taking $100 op would be charging him.

marpay 11

And you know taking $100 would be taking a bribe and rune his credibility, plus probably lose him his job.