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  kelsey_katie  |  17

so basically what you're saying is that all people in the Texas-New Mexico area are Mexican? That is not the case and extremely wrong of you to say.

  stro88  |  6

Sounds like you were raining on the cops parade. You shoulda been slick and told him that if you don't tell I won't, and taken him to a motel and showed him a good time. But don't forget the camera for blackmailing later on.


Cop: "Pulled over, you know, do why I? "
OP: "No, aquifer, pulled over me how come you? "
Cop: "Believe you I was driving intoxicated. "

It's too complicated to record the conversation of two drunk people. I'll leave the rest open to interpretation.

  JayJ17  |  7

Not really. I live in the US and have never heard someone refer to it as DWI.

  dbt88  |  15

It's rarely called that now because you can get in trouble for just having the keys in the ignition ("operating") - not physically driving, so it's more recently been called OWI. I haven't heard it called DWI in forever (DUI more recently).

  robbilee  |  14

It's "driving without insurance" u dumb kids

  robbilee  |  14

I just googled it. In all the law study sites they refer driving without insurance and driving while intoxicated to be referred as a dwi. So relax kid

  kportal69  |  5

Well you didn't pay very much attention in the D.A.R.E. program. Or health or any of those drugs classes EVERYONE had to take at some point. Or on the news or in newspapers. You sir have no excuse.

  ChubEchaser  |  0

In Oklahoma;
DUI: driving under the influence (includes drugs and alcohol) statute subtitles distinguish the stimulant
DWI: driving while impaired (includes drugs and alcohol). It is a LESSER crime than DUI.
APC: Actual physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicants.
Failure to comply with compulsory insurance law is no insurance and your vehicle will
Be impounded.

  TheOptimist  |  0

To add to the nonsense of the replies number two, I now know why they called that kid "Dewy" (DWI) in the movie where his dad killed someone while Drunk driving. The one with Vanessa Hudgens, Pheobe from Friends, and that blonde with the funny mole from Phil of the Future. Yeah that one. I always thought it was DUI.

  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

50- Wether you are being sarcastic or not, you are right. Slurring can occur if someone gets drunk and typing extra letters indeed does make someone sound/type drunk.