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It's cute to walk through there sometimes and look at all the little shoes and things :)

Of course, she could have been shopping for a present for a friend or coworker or family member. It's unfortunate when they leave these things out!

  muchagente  |  5

just for matters of staying logical: "ydi" means "you deserve it". the fml part is being asked when she is due. so she can't have deserved it for lying, unless you follow some kind of damn uncool religion.

  toelie  |  25

#14: Few people are "so overweight" they look pregnant. The more overweight they are, the more they look just overweight. It's more likely OP isn't that obese but has a pot belly or something.

  thewifey310  |  7

way to be an insenitive bitch 14!! ur obviously an unhappy person considering the fact tht theres FTW next to ur name, im guessin that doesnt stand for "for the win"!! correct me if im wrong!! but tht doesnt mean its ok to say fucked up shit just bkus u hate ur life!! or as ur headline says FTW!!

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

54 - You're a moron. FTW does stand for "for the win"... it doesn't stand for "fuck the world" as you're implying. She's conceited, as it appears through her name (Anne For The Win). Nothing about her comment implies she hates the world and/or her life.

14 - That was rude. Not all of them can help it. You could have worded that better; I do agree that those who can help themselves should. It makes me facepalm, for lack of a better phrase, when they don't because it simply means they're lazy. I do, however, feel sorry for those who genuinely can't lose the weight. Those people are few and far between, though.


#14, if someone's a little overweight, at least it's possible for them to hit the gym and work on it (if they even want to, some people are comfortable with who they are, as I'm sure you are not). However, people like you can't fix the ignorance that plagues them. Remember everyone, you can fix "fat," or "ugly," but you can't fix stupid(:


14: Your stupidity amazes me. You must be young (judging from your immaturity), and when you're young, you don't really get fat unless you were born that way. Then when you hit your 40's, or get pregnant, you gain weight and it gets EXTREMELY difficult to stay in shape.
I hope your stupidity kills you. We don't need idiots like you to breed.

  beccusmaximus  |  0

I find it interesting that when a female bitches about fat women, they get berated and other commenters tell her what a hideous whorebitch she is. But when any of the guys on here make sexist comments and say things like, "No one wants to fuck a fattie," it gets nothing but "LOLZ ikr?!" from other commenters. Just an observation.